You a fan of tweener Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Simple really, are you?
  2. is pwning jerry being a tweener? if yes then i love him!!! :emoji_grin:
  3. Tweener: "A wrestler who is neither heel or face."
  4. I like him either way, but his anti hero tweeter attitude is classic stuff. I think he's most comfortable in that role.
  5. It's better than fully face Punk...
  6. Somewhat, Still will always enjoy full blown heel Punk. Punk is good right now in his role though, he seems liberal now.
  7. I still think we'll see a classic pipebomb in a few weeks. I don't think last week was the right time personally.
  8. Massive improvement if compared to babyface Punk. I want to see how this will go, but for now I'm happy with his tweener character.
  9. Face punk had his moments so I'll reserve judgement for a few weeks.
  10. Well it was tweener Punk who single-handedly got me interested in WWE again, so fuck yeah.
  11. Sure, it's interesting and better then him being a stale babyface character.
  12. This is actually true, for example this pipebomb.

  13. I'm pretty much a fan of Punk regardless, but I am curious to see how this will play out.
  14. No not really, never have been a fan of him.
  15. He just needs a different hair style and everything will be perfect!
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