You are given the magical healing power to bring back 5 musicians from the dead

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Who you resurrecting? For me:

    1.) John Bonham
    2.) George Harrison
    3.) Jimi Hendrix
    4.) Big Pun
    5.) Biggie

    HM: Freddie Mercury, Big L, Eazy E, ODB, Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    who would you jokers bring back?
    1. Biggie
    2. Pac
    3. Jim Morrison
    4. MJ
    5. Big L
  2. Morrison is a good call, forgot about him.
  3. Chuck Schuldiner
    Freddy Mercury
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  4. John Lennon
    George Harrison
    Freddie mercury
    Jimi hendrix
    John bonham
  5. John Lennon
    Michael Jackson
    Amy Whinehouse
    Freddie Mercury
  6. Finally another Bonham vote. How can the people not want to see LZ back at full strength? Bonham is the fucking GOAT drummer

  7. Cobain
    George Harrison
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Freddie Mercury
    John Lennon
  8. No one can touch him. Moby dick 'Nuff said!
  9. I mark so hard when he's like 'who the fuck needs drumsticks, I'll bang these shits with my damn hands!"
  10. Jimi Hendrix
    Bob Marley
    Jon Lord
    Frank Zappa
  11. 1.2pac
    2 biggy smalls
    3 bob Marley
    4 freddy mercury
    5 Michael Jackson
  12. That was probably due to the 40 he had just consumed :lol1:
  13. Shit, what's a 40 to Bonzo? Dude drank a 40 before he got off the chick he slept on the night before
  14. I mean literally seconds before his solo.
  15. Right, I'm just saying dude drank 24/7. He would probably be confused as fuck and forget how to play if he showed up to a show sober
  16. That's an interesting point. Like that family guy ep where Peter could only play piano really well if he was hammered and sucked otherwise.
  17. Harrison, Notorious BIG, Dennis Wilson, Freddie Mercury, and ahhh Cobain probably.
  18. 1. Freddie Mercury
    2. Bob Seger (died yesterday)
    3. Bon Scott
    4. Kurt Cobain
    5. Johnny Cash
  19. 1. Johnny fuckin Cash
    2. Bob Marley
    3. Jimi Hendrix
    4. Jim Morrison
    5. Old Blue eyes Frank Sinatra.
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