WrestleMania You can bring one person in for a one off shot at Taker's streak.

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  1. It's time to build up to Wrestlemania 29 and you've been put in charge of signing someone on a short term contract until the Raw after Wrestlemania. Who would you bring in and how would you build them up to face the streak?
  2. Goldberg. Would be great.
  3. Stone Cold.
  4. Chris Jericho
  5. Hulk Hogan or SCSA
  6. Sting!

    It's the match everyone has wanted to see I admit it's past it's sell by date now so this but if it was a few years back when they were both more athletic and in there primes.
  7. I like this one too, it would work well.
  8. Don't know who I would bring in, but the match WWE would love to do is pitting Cena against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I'm 100% convinced that if Rock wasn't facing Cena this year, this is the match they would have booked for this year instead.
  9. @[Seabs] Get your gear on, you got just under 2 weeks to prepair.

    Make me proud, lad!
  10. If we are talking about someone that not with the WWE compuy right now! It would be STING IN! b/c everyone 1 want to see it! The Deadman vs. The Iron! But if we are taking about someone in good term with the WWE! I would said The Rock b/c he someone know 1 has since Taker vs. at WM!
  11. Jericho.
  12. :bury:

    The Game
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