You can plant your seed in one WWE Diva. Who is it?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I cant choose between:
    Either of the Bella Twins

  2. AJ, Kaitlyn, or Maryse
  3. This. The order is arguable, but who'd be picky between these three?
  4. AJ
    Brie Bella

    Any order.

    Also stolen Lady D's thread.
  5. Kelly Kelly!
  6. AJ, Layla, or Kelly Kelly
  7. Paige or Kaitlyn :gusta:
  8. Trish Stratus.
  9. You need to be able to have something to plant the seed first.

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  10. Who told you :cornette:
  11. AJ Lee followed by Layla. Though my rule is generally if they don't have a dick then then they'll do.
  12. Stacy Kiebler of the past and Natalya of now. Like dem blondes :fap: :fap: :bitw:
  13. Paige, Layla, Eve, Stacy Keibler, AJ, Stratus and Kaitlyn.
  14. I consider them all one whole.:idontcare:
  15. Actually, I technically stole .exe's thread. Just wanted to make a female version.
  16. :upset::finger:
  17. I forgot about Paige. Yes pleas. :gusta:
  18. As if I haven't already made it painfully obvious, Eve Torres.
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