Money in the Bank You favourite money in the bank winner so far?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by jungle369, Jun 20, 2016.

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  1. Now that money in the banks all done and we've got our winner looking back how do you think last night stack up with the previous briefcases? I thought it all played out nicely. Predictable I guess but I was not sure if they were going to go for in till the very end to be honest. Raws defiantly going to be interesting tonight!

    I still think my favourite two money in the bank winners are either Edge or RVD. The briefcase just played so well to edges character and at the time it was so fresh. RVD is my second choice because it built up to the awesome moment of the epic match with John cent at ECW one night stand.

    Here's a video of every money in the bank winner to date just in case you need a catch up!

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  2. Dolph Ziggler. He was really hot at that point and his cash-in was the best up till that point. I'd say Seth Rollins has the best cash-in, but Ziggler was the best winner.
  3. I'm going with RVD. Sure, the title reign was lackluster, but the atmosphere of ECW that night, and how cool it was when RVD announced a preplanned cash in. Cena did that too, but it wasn't the same, him pretty much just giving a friendly warning compared to RVD who wanted to do things in his territory
  4. He's talking about winners, not cash ins.
  5. Oh, Kane then, Kane fucking rocks
  6. Rollins followed by Edge. Not many noteable winners though.
  7. Seth Rollins, baybay. His cash-in was the GOAT. :rollins3:

    Edge is a close second.
  8. Edge was trash.
  9. I'm talking the moment and cash in rather than the title reigns. Money in the bank cash ins always bring in the shock factor and excitement as you know shits about to go down :emoji_slight_smile:
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