You get them Maddox.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. I'm sorry but really? What was the logic in having Brad Maddox cut a ridiculously bad promo before the main event and then get a free beat down from Shield after requesting to take them all down himself? He has gone from the mysterious guy no one really knows about to a comedy character in seconds.

    Not that I care. I can't wait for BLFFL to come and rage about it though.
  2. He was already the heel version of Santino. Guess this was the final step in that.
  3. Was he? Fair enough he always lost but it tends to be against incredibly strong opponents and wasn't very often. He had like one backstage promo a week with his camera man and no one really knew what involvement he had. He definitely wasn't a Santino character at all.
  4. By Santino I meant comedic heel. With all the talk about him helping Punk he was set up as a bad guy (even though he himself hasn't really done anything evil) and his comical attempts at getting a contract made him comedic. He's not an exact replica of Santino, but rather a comedic heel who doesn't display in ring skills.
  5. Nothing like Santino then, lol. He was a weak heel. Nothing he really done was comedic at all. It was just his constant attempts at getting a contract were interrupted by those in power putting him in matches against Ryback & Orton. Furthermore, his name was constantly mentioned in the same sentences as Shield & Punk and was linked with him being a part of that. So I would say he was more relevant than most other heels to be honest, and wasn't really comedic at all.

    That of course changes when you see this segment. What I don't understand is, if he doesn't have a contract, how can he have promo time on RAW? Lol...
  6. Security is apparently super lax. Heck he's snuck in on main event a couple of times and done commentary.
  7. Show Spoiler
    Coming up next week: Brad Maddox turns face, saying he was willing to take the beating to make sure Cena/Sheamus/Ryback could give The Shield the attack they had coming, to make up for that backstage beatdown. (Then Vickie may sign him or something)
  8. Spoilers dude...
  9. Thought that was common sense! Oh, okay... have it your way mister forum head sir.
  10. Common sense? I thought Maddox was going to take out Lesnar and go on to beat Rocky at Wrestlemania. God dammit.
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  11. I'd actually keep him as heel in that situation. Having him brag about that and being very egocentric. Only to be denied a contract (again)
  12. Don't even compare him to Santino. Atleast heel Santino got reactions from the crowd. Brad did one of the worst promos in Raw history. I know the writers write this stuff. However, he put no effort into making it decent. He came off extremely awkward and could not find his character. The soft talk to screaming was extremely out of place. He deserves to be released today.
  13. I didn't even listen to the promo he cut so I'm not aware of how good or how bad it was. However, judging by your guys reactions it does seem to be pretty bad.
  14. He's terrible, his promo was terrible, and hopefully the Shield beating lets them write him out for good.
  15. His promo was pretty bad. Somebody on another forum noted that he might have been channeling Bane or someone, and that King actually said "Come at me, bro" during the last part of The Shield segment, which just makes the whole segment even worse than it was already. What Triple H 'sees' in Maddox, I have no idea. That's why I wouldn't go around singing Triple H's praises just yet simply because he managed to actually get Bruno on board.
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  16. Maddox was boring as hell in his promo. And Lawler saying "come at me, bro" was even more ridiculous... I really didn't like that segment.
  17. Yeah, not a good promo, and I'm not sure where this is headed. But King saying come @ me bro was really cringeworthy, but then again, most of the stuff he says is.
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