You Gonna get WWE 13? -_~

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. /me might get it.
  2. You Gonna get WWE 12? -_~

    I've got WWE 12. Could have sworn this said 12, anyway probably not unless it's going cheap.
  3. First since SVR 2011 :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. I will.
  5. Booker T's in the game. Why the hell wouldn't i?
  6. /me wants Rock vs Rock in wwe 13
  7. Odds are good that I will. To make myself feel better about possibly splurging on it, I'm saying it'd be a good birthday present to get for myself, since my b'day is October 29. Win win.
  8. Only so i can make a tranny character and name him crayo. Finsher? Slap in the face (unless they have blood mist spit, and i can make it white...:troll:) and my theme music? I'm an ass man.
  9. /me agrees with the B-day. As he is doing the same.
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  10. Same day as my sister, popcorn player!
  11. Probably not. Depends when it's out.
  12. Which one of the village people are you going to be, Crayo? Ill be the one on the far left. Regality and vince can be the construction worker/policeman.
  13. You confused me :urm:
  14. I will. But I'm getting it at March. :////

  15. Aids will buttfuck you @[Crayo]
  16. Stop tagging me for useless stuff.
  17. The only thing im giving Crayo is a high five, now it's you who needs to make sure you get #soaponarope. I'm sending the APA on your ass, player.
  18. If A-Ry and Tyson Kidd are in it yes if not no
  19. The only reason I'd get it is to send it to Leo, so he doesn't have to pay $120 for bad video games.
  20. 120$ WHY? i feel ripped off having to pay 60.
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