You Guys Are Still Alive?

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Hannah Bee, Oct 14, 2015.

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  1. Hi!

    Just checking in with you lot. I miss everyone in here, and I hope you guys feel the same way about me (even if I am a f***ing shit back then)! Happy you guys are still alive and as strong as ever.

    In near completion of my degree, which means I am busy as ever (when am I not?).

    Missing BorkLazerIsLife (I still follow her in Twitter. She makes me laugh whenever I see her face) and GohanWhateverTheNumbersMean (he is getting wrestling out of his system, good for everyone I guess.).

    As for the new members, holla! Hope they aren't bullying you out here.

    Well, I'd make a mental note to check out here once in a while. Been years since I went in, and it's proper to go back in here as I go back in the product (Crossfit Jesus and Finn "The Only Demon I Have Dirty Thoughts Of" Balor are my current favorites).

    Cheers, Cray-cray and the gang!
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  2. Crayo sold the site but he shows up like once a year. Gohan quit the site. Lady Deathbane idk. Rest are still here I think.
  3. From time to time old faces show up briefly. Few others have left too
  4. Holla back at ya.
  5. Wait... what?

    Crayo sold the site?

    Why? :O


    Using mobile + kind of confused with the new layout so inb4 people telling me to search it up. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. He claims he was too busy with his personal life, plus he lost most of the passion he used to have for wrestling anyhow. Solidus is the sole owner of the site now.

  7. Lady has also been inactive in FB, so I guess she's stuck in RL stuff.
  8. Thanks for the lowdown! Wrestling, at the moment, is very enticing to the people who left the product out during the past dull years. Maybe we could expect a Crayo comeback someday? :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. lol Hopefully not. It's nauseating enough when he still shows up sporadically here and there every couple months or so.
  10. Been out of the site so long I forgot which posts are to be taken with a grain of salt or otherwise. Haha.
  11. I've got no animosity with Crayo personally, it's just fun to bust his balls for my own amusement. Especially when he isn't around to retort. :emoji_slight_smile:

  12. Oh god @Crayo -la.

    Hope Solidus isn't getting a headache from keeping all of you lot in line!

    Also, been reading my old post and I must say... how did you guys resist the urge not to ban my ass? :ambrose:


  13. Well, I never had moderating powers, so... :woods:
  14. Waiting for the day to come, huh? :boohoo:

    But I showed you guys my bikini pics and all! Shouldn't that worth something? :smug:
  15. I don't recall seeing those. Were they nudes...?!?

    (Well, of course they weren't if they were bikini photos.)
  16. I actually forgot. :eww2:

    Note to self: Never do what I did for the forums years ago ever again. :russo:
  17. Been a long time since you've been here, wb :woods:
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  18. I'd ban that ass any day.
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  19. Thank you. Going back is a new day, yes it is! :kofi:

    *bang. :kiss::hhhooh:
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  20. Hey PH, love you xo

    P.S: Fuck you, Lockard.
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