WrestleMania You hoping for a Reigns heel turn at Mania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. YES!

  2. NO!

  3. I honestly don't care.

  1. I noticed that a lot of people are still not caring about him even after he messed up HHH.
    They enjoyed it but not enough to get behind him. So with that being said... You hoping for a #roman reigns heel turn at #wrestlemania 32 ???


    (it is also sad to note the only voting I do is on this forum lol)
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    Yes, you could say I am. The crowd will turn him anyway, so they should capitalize on it.

    Babyface Reigns ain't working, obviously, now it's heel time!

    Turning Reigns heel will help him get over, Vince. He needs to be universally hated, before he's universally loved. Get it into your stubborn head.
  3. Was thinking this would be one of your paste over threads, shame. Would've preferred to see some juicy dirtsheet rumors.

    Doesn't matter though, he'll walk out of WrestleMania as heel. Intentional or not. They're just going to have to roll with it. You can ignore the odd 10,000 deep crowd, but not a 100,000 one.
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  4. I'm always hoping for a Roman Reigns heel turn but I really don't see any scenario where it could play out at Wrestlemania. Unless HHH is so over with the crowd and everyone boos Roman and he just straight disrespects the crowd somehow by saying the Dallas Cowboys suck and then gives everyone the finger :finger:
  5. Dude, there's no chance in hell the KING OF NXT gets booed at Mania. Meaning, Reigns WILL get booed, but to what extent remains to be seen.
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  6. Everyone will boo Reigns, but he will still be the babyface and go over clean. Good ole JR had a good idea for a heel turn though. And that was have The Rock be in his corner and after the match Reigns would attack the Rock.
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  7. I agree, but Vince doesn't.

    To every logical suggestion about Reigns turning heel, he's probably acting like: FUCK YOU!!! HE'S GONNA WORK AS A BABYFACE AND GET CHEERED OR HE AIN'T GONNA WORK AT ALL, DAMMIT!!! [​IMG]
  8. I've said it before, the only time I see Roman going heel is when Seth Rollins returns and they end up switching rolls:dealwithit:
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  9. :hmm:... I still think Vince says 'FUCK YOU' when it comes to a Reigns heel turn.
  10. Most likely. But if Romans title reign is a disaster and Seth Rollins returns and everyone loves him I could see a switch. I'm assuming Reigns will hold the belt all the way until Rollins makes a comeback
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  11. I agree, and Rollins will be loved when he comes back. I don't know what their plan for SummerSlam is, but I hope it's either Rollins vs Reigns vs Ambrose or Rollins vs Reigns (followed by Ambrose cashing in his MITB briefcase). OR, they could end up doing Rollins vs HHH at SummerSlam, I guess time will only tell.
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  12. I feel like Rollins won't win the title instantly when he comes back. I bet theyll make it a long road for him and he will go on to win the Royal Rumble and then go to Mania
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  13. That scenario is fine in my book, as well. :bodallas:
  14. The closer it is getting to WM the more I am thinking Vince will pull the trigger. The only reason I can see him waiting is if Cena returns and does his turn but that is highly unlikely to happen... I am still hoping though. I really want to see the kids cry lolol
  15. I want a 20 year reign of Super Reigns as champ just so I can come to the forum to see all the whining
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  16. As long as he turns heel I'd be ok with that
  17. Super Reigns clearly indicates he is an overcome-the-odds face.
  18. inb4 heel Reigns gets shit on too
  19. Not likely, although it wouldn't surprise me. It'll help him get over. Plus, Reigns comes off as a cocky asshole, so his heel character would be cool.
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