Football You into Football (Soccer)?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. I'm a big Manchester United fan. Winning atm 2-0, oh yeah. Anyway, I know Jonathan is a Sunderland fan, don't know how many others are interested in football here.

    Xanth supports Valencia (a terrible spanish team) but has no relations in Spain and doesn't actually watch football so... don't think he counts.
  2. Love Robben, not gonna lie.
  3. Man utd 5-0 Wigan

    I hope Man utd wins the EPL instead of that oil club Manchester Mansour FC.
  4. Great there are all these people who support all these successful clubs and I'm just here, supporting a team in the third tier of the English football league who lost to Walsall 2 - 1. So yeah I support Sheffield Wednesday Clicky for wiki
  5. Manchester Utd was a great team.
    Now they have problems with finances and they don't really have a great roster.

    I hope to see them again as a really big team as they don't "threaten" anyone right now.
  6. Haha I did lol at the fact you needed to provide a Wiki link. Any particular premier league teams you enjoy?

    Not true at all mate. We played Valencia (most offensive wide winger probably in premier league) at RB, and Carrick (Midfielder) in Center Defence and still won 5-0. We have all these injury problems, and we're top of the league only behind on goal difference. We don't have "money issues" per say, but we're not nearly as rich as most of the top teams which just proves how good our development system is.

    Rooney is up there with the best CF's in the world, Nani is one of the best wingers in the world, Vidic is the best CB in the world, I wouldn't say our roster is lacking personally. Perhaps a center midfielder would help us though.
  7. I am a big Manchester Untied fan too. The past 2 games have been really good! Love watching them.
  8. Hell yeah GAF! Hell yeah. In fact, last 3 games have been great :emoji_slight_smile:. Got Blackburn this week too, they're bottom so should hopefully be another good win with lots of goals.
  9. Yeah we need to catch up on goal difference to beat Shitty. There draw today did us good.
  10. First post in a wrestling forum in a soccer thread, thats odd =P

    *Club - Preston North End
    * Nation - German national team
  11. Lol, is very odd indeed :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Also, quite rare for a German football fan not to support a German team :O. You moved to Preston or something?
  12. Nope. Cause I'm mobin like that. American Football right? :emoji_grin:
  14. Are you hinting that you support sunderland here? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Nah he's a Man United fan!
  16. What do you guys think is the best current 11?
  17. In terms of all star premier league team? Or all star world team? Or best team in general?
  18. In General right now.
  19. Barcelona or Real Madrid. By a mile.