You lads need to get out of your own way

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  1. Alright cocker, run this rib tickeler through your greymatter

    I am sick of my fellow wrestling fans not embracing there pasttime in public. when I am down the boozer my mates tell me to stop talking about wrestling in case people overhear. Guess what? no one gives a shiny shit, people probably do not now what we are on about.

    there is nothing to be ashamed of, live and let live I say lads. If someone is going to discriminate against us for being wrestling fans, then let them
  2. Dude 95% of this site rarely even watches wrestling at this point lmao
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  3. ^True inb4

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  4. I hate these types as well, people who stopped watching it and try and distance themselves from it

    I know you are all secretly interested in it really. just embrace it
  5. I'm not though. I tried forcing myself to watch but I've come to the conclusion that the product just isn't going to be what it once was or what I want it to be. I'm officially OK with this. If I need a wrestling fix I'll hop over to WATCHWRESTLING and put on some ATTITUDEERA

  6. I'm interested in watching PPV's and stuff. I can't sit through 3 hours of raw. I'll ff through most of it at best (if i remember to record before work)
  7. you are still on a wrestling forum though lads

    i hate this thing of people being ashamed of being wrestling fans. i got told to be quiet down the boozer the other week after I talked about my payback predictions for 2 hours. whats that all about
  8. Through my greymatter?
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  9. your brainmatter then if you like

    i hate these lads who think they have moved on from wrestling, with there fancy degrees, women and jobs. egomanical
  10. James Storm nice tweet LMFAO
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  11. we need to go down to the boozer lad. we could be wingmen and talk about wrestling in front of all the women. they would love us for it. no need for fancy degrees, money, or deodorant.
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  12. sounds good to me lad
  13. you would have to buy the pints though.
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  14. TGMI what are your thoughts on MMA? I would think a ladly lad such as yourself would be interested in watching two manly blokes step into a cage to find out who is manlier.
  15. vacous nonsense. takes attention away from the proper stuff
  16. I could've sworn you've said this before man
  17. proper stuff?
  18. proper as in going down to the boozer and tickling the gals mustaches with our fingers, lad.
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  19. wwe

    in the end, people are in denial. we are all interested in it really. people say i talk about too much, but guess what? people are just as keen to bring it up to me
  20. women with facial hair

    i like a lass to be a lass cocker
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