You like or dislike R-Truth now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sage., Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Loved him as a heel, this new "Lil Jimmy's said do this so I do it" gimmick is just hypocritical and lame. They're ruining Truth and Miz in this feud.
  2. Exactly like I said a few days ago. I said this whole feud between Miz and Truth will just harm both their characters, no one can come out looking better.
  3. Definitely. Miz was a former WWE Champion, a great one too, and now he's being buried every single week.
  4. I liked R-Truth heel with The Miz. Alone he is bad. The little jimmy part makes me laugh though.
  5. I just don't like him.
  6. He's still crazy and funny, so I still like him.
  7. But he will in the end come out on top, going onto better things.
  8. Perhaps, but WWE's booking is insane. Soon as this happens more, Miz' reactions will go down. People won't care. Like they didn't when he won the championship, like they didn't when he was feuding with LAWLER, but his mic skills got him over again as the top heel. I don't see why they don't turn his gimmick into eddie guerrero like gimmick. Cheating to win, but instead of the generic interruptions and stuff like that, do things like grab a chair, chuck it at the opponent and lie down. Oh, and no referee's looking back on the titantron, realizing their mistake and resetting the match -.-.