You like or hate Dana White?

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  1. Lots of people seem to hate on him and lots of people seem to love him. What's your opinion?
  2. You like ort hate Dana White?

    Is Dana White

    A.) An asshole
    B.) A douchebag
    C.) A liar
    D.) All of the above

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    Who/where are these 'lot's of people that love him' ?

    I've never met them
  3. I've seen numerous comments on YT with love for Dana. He's up front in his interviews which I personally like. You can't call him those things without some sources so post em'
  4. YT lmao. I'm sure the 12 year olds watching youtube vids are impressed by his potty mouth.


    I'm not going to look for links but I hate Dana because he is just a jackass. He lies, his most recently lie was to Urijah Faber about who his next opponent would be (he admitted it this time though, for once) he constantly shits on anybody and everybody that's not in the UFC, he shits on Fedor for years and years while working behind the scenes to try and bring him in, he talks like a 14 year old wigger from the suburbs who just downloaded his first NWA album, he pays most of the fighters peanuts while he himself makes more than any fighter, he constantly talks out of his ass (for example "UFC is on par with soccer on a global scale" or "Soccer is easy to play, kids can play soccer"). He says things that make not only the UFC, but the sport of MMA look bad. He constantly gets into petty pissing matches with fighters/ex-fighters.

    His entire persona really just irritates me.
  5. Fair enough, all of those are legitimate reasons to hate him. I don't know enough about him to cast an opinion really but I like his realism. I get bored of the corporate responses to questions and "professionalism". He normally gives away every detail. For example - "did you hold talks with Brock after UFC 146?", his answer was "I'm seeing him tonight" and "it's possible he could return yeah". He's honest in that way.
  6. Just as often as he does that he will use the media to lie about something or shit on a guy that's in another org.

    "I don't know how you can rank ::insert highly rated fighter not in the UFC here:: so high in the rankings. It's retarded, those people are just anti-UFC and want to be different."

    also Dana White hates you, so you may as well hate him:

  7. Dana White is a huge douche
  8. Can't help but love him more from that interview.
  9. I don't know him personally to express my feelings, but I respect him for his great success.
  10. Wow, forget him. I get people hating on the idea of a bar or someplace that is GOING to make a great profit off having the UFC event, but i know here it costs up to 1000$ to have the fight, because you have to pay for capacity immediately, which is just genius. To say that I should feel bad because the business lost due to downloading music low level employees that lost their jobs is total BS. You can also show the thousands of jobs and new ways of business created DUE TO the internet. I get hating people who pirate your shows, but I'm sure porn as a general has taken a severe hit in the DVD/VHS market all around the world since you can just google whatever the hell you want, but it's still a billion dollar industry, and adjusting to the times is a necessary thing. As for the bar owner who asked for help from the guy he stole from, and recieving it, i dont buy that for a second. Funny he was going to ruin the guy with a lawsuit for it, but was able to adjust it to make it better for both of them? Overkill politics, another reason to hate retained lawyers and obscene lawsuits on the common man.

    He is just a giant whore as far as it goes, i DONT feel bad for UFC, i DONT pity Apple or any other company that pays the top 80% and expects me to feel i owe more money to help the bottom 20% earn a living. Advertising, games, sales of shirts and memorabilia. If you cant imagine how it was before the IPAD, you probably still type on the keyboard with two fingers.
  11. Dana White has maybe .01% to do with the UFC's success, if that.

    If you mean his personal success, he doesn't deserve 1/100 of the money he's made in his life, so sure, props to him for tricking the UFC higher ups into thinking he is worth so much bank.
  12. Delusional smarks who think they know shit are delusional.
  13. Didn't Dana buy UFC when it was a sinking ship? And is the main promoter of the product?
  14. Dana never bought anything; he isn't the owner.
  15. His friend/partner bought it right? I think Dana promoted it hella' well though, you can't disregard that.
  16. .01% was obviously hyperbole. He deserves a lot of credit for getting the UFC to where it is, but that doesn't mean I'll give it to him. He can smd
  17. At least you're honest.
  18. I kind of liked a few of his vlogs he did at one time.
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