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WWE produces so much content anymore it’s hard to keep up with it all, from television to online, but their production team still spits out a ton of quality stuff you absolutely need to get eyes on. One of those things is the video above, a retrospective on the infamous Undertaker vs. Mankind Hell in a Cell match from King of the Ring back in 1998. It features interviews with most of the major players involved that night, from Undertaker and Mick Foley themselves, to referee Tim White, to commentator Jim Ross, and even Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter. They all tell the story from their perspective, with video and still shots mixed in to accentuate their words.

It’s truly fantastic work on a match that remains one of the most famous of all time, and one that had a great effect on the entire pro wrestling industry. I can’t stress enough how well put together this is. It’s worth the 15 minutes it will take to watch it, and then another 15 to watch it again.

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Grievous II

Iron Forged Orgasmatron
You much as I love this really
did have an adverse effect on the wrestling industry
& Cell/Cage matches in general.

I mean Charlotte Flair wanted to do a moonsault
off the cell in her match with Sasha...and one can
only believe she wanted to so EVERYONE would
at least remember the match.

Foley set the bar WAY too high for the HIAC matches
& the WWE will never let anyone else try to reach that
same level...and with good reason. Foley could have
died at least a couple of times during that match...and
God only knows how it psychologically effected the
Undertaker...not to mention Taker injured his ankle by
simply climbing down into the cell.

No...before you ask Shane McMahon jumping onto a
crash pad doesn't count.

Its like the first two HIAC matches were amazing & every
single one since has been a "Well it wasn't as good as
the first two" match.

WWE should retire the Cell for 5 years & then bring it
back at random for the right feud at a random pay per


The Game
Of course you do.
The first HIAC is a cflassic. it will be remembered as one of the best moments in WWE history. But in terms of match quality there are many other matches that are better. Taker vs Edge, HHH vs Batista, Lesnar vs Taker (2002), Taker vs HHH and of course Foley vs HHH.

As for Taker vs Foley, that spot will ever be topped. It definitely is one of the best, but I think it isn't a forgone conclusion at all.