You nikkas ready for WW3??? RUSSIA ACTIN A DAMN FOOL!!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Separatists are now claiming responsibility for it
  2. I just heard about this. It is just another ploy to get money... aka an inside job.
    #illuminati #nwo
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  3. Unsettling as my flight was in that area earlier.
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  4. But Vladimir Putin is the savior of the world right?

    Ok ok, now I'm mixing my WWE Kayfabe shit with real life. Bad Trip!
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  5. omgosh...

    Yet another reason for me to avoid planes. lol Good thing you are okay. I would be scared flying anywhere near Russia right now.
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  6. So that is what the blonde chick is! A flight attendant! It all makes sense no-....
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  7. Damn, that's messedd up. RIP to all the people in the plane.
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    No telling how much WWE would try to milk the real-life tensions of a new World War for an angle lol. World War 3 would be the first global conflict that's happened since they've been around, and Vince most certainly isn't above milking real-life issues and conflicts to garner intense heat for somebody...
  9. If the Ukrainian separatists did this. Then the question remains: How did they acquire a BUK level missile?
  10. We (the US) probably gave it to them years ago lol
  11. lol such a goddamn mark

    who gives a fuck about WWE "milking" whatever. lul
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  12. Would love to see Putin dick all over USA

    Doubt it. Didn't they have a wrestler with a terrorist gimmick and had to drop it because of 9/11
  14. I've been to Russia, it's cool. Fuck USA
  15. Putin > Obama
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