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  1. Vince McMahon has sadly died, and left you in control of the company.
    You decide that you're sick of the way things are being run and you decide to have a major shake up. What do you do?

    For those who can't think of some things to change, here are some things you may want to change.
    Creative Team (E.G. Get rid of the Soap writers and get actual wrestling bookers)
    The way the show is produced (I.E. A new set, maybe 3D shows? New shows, different commentary team etc.)
    Which wrestlers you employ (Would you want to bring others in from different company's/Indies?)
    Company HQ (Would you build a new Titan Tower in a different state?)
    The Hall of Fame (Would you build a physical HoF? Maybe in NY or Florida?)
    There are plenty others, just think of things that annoy you and go for it :smile:

    Firstly, for me it would be the sponsors and the shareholders.
    I would get rid of all deals with sponsors like Disney etc. child orientated ones, and any shareholders who wouldn't want TV-14 rating.
    I'd buy the shares back (if that's possible, I'm not into all the business stuff.)

    With the new TV-14 rating I would then do a major shakeup of the Creative Team.
    First I'd remove Stephanie as head of creative and I'd hire professional wrestling bookers, people who know what fans want and what they enjoy, things that make a good show.
    For me the current soap/drama writers don't know how to engage the product with the audience, and as a result produce poor shows which fans don't enjoy.
    Now just because it has a TV-14 rating it doesn't mean the shows are now going to be amazing and every match must have a gimmick like first blood or whatever,
    however it gives the option for those gimmick matches when neccessary, because we all know that blood can increase peoples enjoyment of the match.

    There's nothing better than a steel chair to the head and watching the blood gush out. (See reference below. RIP Eddie.)

    Next up, a new set.
    The RAW set has pretty much stayed the same throughout the entirety of RAW, and SmackDown has also had little change.
    A change for both shows is long, long overdue and this would be one of my top priorities.

    Don't you just love Michael Cole?
    Of course not, we all hate him.
    I would definitely replace Michael Cole as the lead announcer on RAW with Good Ol' J.R. There's nothing quite like Jim Ross calling a match,
    he puts passion into his performance and is the best PBP announcer on the planet IMO.

    The Roster...
    I'd bring in: Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Jay Lethal and maybe a few others who I'm currently un-decided on.
    I'd bring Sting in on a short-term contract just for that Wrestlemania Moment in a match against The Undertaker.
    Jeff Hardy is one of those guys who will always sell merchandise and people will always get behind.

    The Hall of Fame...
    For too long the HoF has only been in Vince's mind, and I think having a HoF to see all the memorabilia etc. would one; generate income,
    but two engage the audience more with the product. Most other sports such Baseball, Basketball, Football all have Hall of Fame's and the WWE is 'Sports Entertainment'

    Pay Per Views...
    Right now there's only really 3 or 4 RAW shows before a Pay Per View which is nowhere near enought time to effectively build up a storyline.
    I would change the current amount of PPV's from 12/13 to 6/7 per year. This not only makes people want to buy them because you've built up a good storyline on RAW,
    but it means that people are more likely to spend the $45 because it's only once every 2 months, not once a month as it is now.
    This may appear a stupid move because obviously less PPVs = less money coming in, however hoping that more people buy the 6/7 PPVs a year,

    you would potentially make equally as much by having lesser PPVs but more buyers per PPV.

    The 6/7 I would have would be:
    • Royal Rumble (Mid January).
    • Elimination Chamber(Late February) [Allows you to shake up the champions before Mania].
    • Wrestlemania (Mid April).
    • King of the Ring(Late June).
    • SummerSlam(Late August).
    • Survivor Series(Mid November).
    So, that's all I would change for now however I will update the thread later when I have more ideas
    This thread took over an hour to make, so if you read it please leave a comment and post your own changes.
    Thank you, and enjoy your company! :cool:
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  2. I agree with most of the things except the get rid of micheal cole part. We hate him because hes a tremendous heel, hes a very good commenter, but yes i would certainly bring JR back. Guys like Josh Mathews are better suited for the the Superstars show than Smackdown atm.

    Also i wouldnt get rid of all the current script writers. I will just tell them what i want, if they fail at that then i would think about firing.

    Also having a WWE museum might be a good idea. Statutes and pictures, and accesories of the the of the previous legends. WIll fetch money + will be a good way to show respect to some deserving legends.

    I will also get rid of some of the untalented wrestlers like Miz and ADR and sell them to TNA. And buy some actual talents from TNA, and also back and push some of the older still not over the hill wrestlers like Christian Booker T Jeff Hardy and Goldust.

    I will have a cruserweight division for the high fliers.

    I will push the tag team division, make some worthwhile names challenge for it.
  3. Wow nice thread dude, very HQ.

    First off: I'm a big fan of Michael Cole, many others were until he became play-by-play heel announcer - probably the most ridiculous decision Vince has made for a while, why have a heel play-by-play? Imagine Cole & JR, Cole could do King's role from years ago. I'd fire King instantly, first thing. "Crayo, you own WWE now", "Cool, Jerry, you're fired". That's our first conversation.

    Secondly I'd get rid of every creative member and bring in Paul Heyman. He can do what he wants, he'd have full control of creative only.

    I'd keep it PG but have it more edgy, PG allows you to do a lot more than people think. I'd change Punk into shooting Punk completely and market him as a new Stone Cold, everyone knows he could do that role.

    I'd fire :shovel: (HHH) after using him to put over Punk, Ziggler, Miz, Bryan and then Jericho just to piss him off.

    I'd then use the staging that RAW uses on house shows, it's awesome. Go check it out. Sticking with layout, I'd get rid of the White ropes and make them black. Change the RAW theme and make it a good one. Coming to think about it, I wouldn't put JR on commentary permanently. I'd make him PPV only, only because the fans still love him. JR has lost his touch, he's no where near as good as he was. Cole, Regal and Stanford would be my team. Cole, Booker & Matthews would stay on SD, it's epic there.

    I'd scrap this crappy Supershow idea completely. SmackDown will actually be developed as its own brand and have nothing to do with RAW. I'd make the US Championship get defended twice a month on RAW.

    I wouldn't make it 6/7 PPV's a year, I'd make it perhaps 9/10. Just make sure that each one has at least 4 weeks of build up.

    I'd bring in Styles, Roode, Magnus, Joe, Steen, Generico and Hardy (Jeff, yes) to the roster. I'd bring back the cruiser-weight championship and have it as a SmackDown title. I'd make sure the tag-team division was re-inevnted by having old-time main eventers like Big Show & Rey Mysterio stay in that division to help it, whilst putting rushly pushed main eventers like Sheamus & ADR into the IC and US championship divisions.

    I'd be very tempted to unify the WWE title and WHC, not sure if I would yet though.

    All I can think of for now.
  4. Thanks @[Crayo] - Wrestling awards are always welcome :emoji_wink:

    Wow, why would you fire Jerry? Jerry is awesome.
    Vince has a shit tonne of respect for Jerry.
    During shows Vince will shout down the headphones of Cole/Booker/Josh/JR when he did commentary, but he never shouts at Jerry because he knows Jerry will just quit.

    I liked Cole when he was a face, but having a heel as your lead PBP is just completely stupid. Especially when he constantly :shovel: the talent...

    I'd turn it TV-14 mainly for the blood/hardcore matches.
    I like the idea of having Punk constantly shooting, but that ruins shooting for everyone else because it's like, it's his thing now. Eventually it would get boring and over-used.

    Yeah, I like the simple X shape with the screens, it's sort of futuristic and I like it, but I'm not sure it's big enough to create a large impact on live shows.

    I'd change the RAW theme back to 'Union Underground - Across The Nation' because that song was just the shit.

    Good call on having JR as just PPVs. But you say he's lost his way, that's because he was made to be the colour commentator when he came back, because Cole was the lead PBP. Having JR back as the lead PBP would make you change your mind, I think.

    Yeah, the Supershow thing is completely ridiculous now. It ran its course after the first few weeks when everyone realised it was the same old tripe.

    For me you need a good 6-8 weeks of build up. 10 PPVs is just too many for me.

    I like the Cruiserweight thing because right now titles mean absolutely nothing so I would bring the Cruiserweight one back also, and make all titles actually mean something.

    Nah, I'd say you need 2 separate main titles if you're going to push SmackDown as its own brand.

    Good ideas! :cool:
  5. Don't make things up, you have no way of knowing these. It was reported Vince only speaks to Cole on the headset to direct commentary, he's a big fan of Cole. He also laughed his ass off (reportedly) with Cole's anal bleeding joke about Jerry :laugh:

    Jerry is terrible. Most people think Cole bury's talent because King can't compete with Cole. Cole will say "what a nerd" and King replies with "Shut up Cole"... how's this good? King is a terrible commentator and has said in interviews he dislikes commentating. I don't think Vince gives a rats ass if he quits, Jerry's there for the money.

    Read above.
    Nope. Even as a colour commentator you can still have passion. He's lost his. Bored the crap out of me, but it's better than listening to King.


    Lawler only says that because he's a colour commentator. He can't really say much else...

  7. WWE will suck even harder with you running it. :verysad:
  8. The most ridiculous excuse I've ever seen. His job is to put faces over. Cole does his job putting over heels, King just says shut up. How does that counter cole's points?

    King is unbearable and many many people agree.
  9. But Lawler isn't supposed to put people over. He's just there really to commentate when Cole has been talking too much.
  10. Bury the Miz
    Turn ADR face and push him like he's John Cena

  11. At this point, JR would do better face color than Lawler.

    Nobody cares like JR does. Lawler doesn't care

    But JR is a mark and a pushover which means Vince doesn't respect him
  12. Is you got to be the OWNER of WWE for 1 DAY what would do?

    I alway like asking question like this I like to call then "dream question" Is you got to be the OWNER of WWE for 1 DAY and ONLY 1 FULL what would do? And I am talking about RIGHT NOW OF WHAT WWE IS RIGHT! U are free to whatever you want for 1 full day and what you do stay that way of 1 day of owning WWE is over! So what would you do?
  13. RE: Is you got to be the OWNER of WWE for 1 DAY what would do?

    I would hire Vince Russo, of course! He's the real Mr. Excitement!
  14. RE: Is you got to be the OWNER of WWE for 1 DAY what would do?

    I already have a thread on this,
  15. Merged into one thread.
  16. Lawler would be shitting himself if I was in charge.
  17. He gets minimum $500,000 per year.More for when he wrestlers, then added bonuses for Wrestlemania, as does anyone who competes/announces/referee's at Mania.
    He will have at least $10million in his bank. All the years he's been going and working for WWE. Not to mention he wrestles on independent shows from time to time Tuesday- Saturday.

    He could leave now and he would still have millions left when he died.
  18. What about Joey Styles? He has been completely forgotten!

  19. OH MY GAWWDD. How did we forget about Joey?
  20. I said that because no one - I think - mentioned him when talking about commentators. Joey is epic.