You people expect too much

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  1. Raw was a solid 8 for me. Solid. Dunno about you, but the segment with Kane and Daniel with Larry king had me howling.

    Also JBL s quote: talkin with zack Ryder was causing me to lose 10 IQ points a minute, I had to leave while I could still read!

    Vince vs pink was great. Ziggler and ADR s tag match was good as well.

    The whole show was enjoyable!
  2. A 10 out of 10 RAW was the night after Wrestlemania.
    For some people 9.

    So to say that was 2 points behind that show is an insult.
  3. Like I said, you expect too much.
  4. That's not even expecting so much.
    We expect to be entertained on an entertainment show and they're not even doing their jobs.
  5. Everything is subjective. Everyone has different scales of grading things. No one is at fault.
  6. If I may interject, it also depends how long someone's been watching WWE (and/or WWF, for that matter). The longer you've been watching, the more comparisons you're able to make about WWE back then and now.
  7. I was very entertained. It did its job in spades. If you weren't entertained. Maybe you should find something else to watch Monday nights
  8. I have been watching wwe since before Raw was thought of
  9. Half of it was good, half of it was bad, meaning a 5/10. That was my rating...
  10. Just because it wasn't the best rating doesn't mean you don't have to watch it.

    You can have a favourite episode of a show and a least favourite
    episode of the show. Doesn't mean you don't have to watch it.

    Everyone has an opinion and you have the right to respect their opinion or to get the reasoning of it first before saying watch something else.

    This is coming from a WWE Mark.
  11. It was alright, not that special. I think the bad thing Raw is the three hours, you can have some good stuff, but with it dragging for three hours with other bad stuff, it'll make the enjoyment feel less to other people.
  12. 3 hour RAW means you remember the bad and forget the good unless it's REALLY good. Vince once said wrestling should be 90 minutes long and I completely agree, 180 minutes is just too much.
  13. John Cena Opener - Useless pretty much
    Ryback Squash - Whatever
    Brodus and Truth - Embarrassing
    Larry King Segment - Boring
    Sheamful Vs. Wade Barrett was alright
  14. For the past 3 weeks i've literally fallen asleep on Raw, they need to make improvements on the first two hours
  15. Wrong. the WWE Marks just don't expect enough.
  16. Can you explain to me what's wrong with wanting a higher quality show?

    I'll admit this show was better than last weeks, but it's not much to compare to. It's like comparing two pieces of crap, one might be better than the other, but at the end of the day they're both crap.
  17. If last night's show was an 8/10 than every Impact must be a 12/10
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