You still a mark for Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Do you still mark for the guy even with WWE watering him down completely?
  2. HELL NO????????? That have not wader him he FUCKIN ALSOME! AND IS STILL THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD! Bring Brock vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE Champion!
  3. Yeah mainly because you know he's still capable of that spark.
  4. I was always a Punk fan, but got overboard after the Shoot promo.
    After the Triple H feud it went back to normal.
  5. HOW? He WWE Champion? WTF?
  6. His promo's aren't what I expected them to be and I preferred him as a heel.
  8. The thing is, he does cheesy jokes and re-uses them.
    Like Cena talking about The Rock's Penis, he always made a joke about Stephanie McMahon.
    Boring and Lame!
  9. But it true is it not?
  10. Not really.... Except when he tweeted before a raw that he was going to try to get snicklfritz trending and then that night that's all he called big johnnie...

    I LOL on that one

  11. He's been incredibly watered down. He went from talking about WWE after Vince dying to pretending to be sick in the ring and doing crappy Cena jokes.
  12. Yes and forever will be so.
  13. I know the guy still has the spark somewhere within him and it can come out at anytime so I'll always mark for him but he has been so watered down as has already been stated.
  14. If Brock vs Punk is going to happen, we will have a new champ.

  15. Honestly no, and it makes me sick. WWE at it's worst.

    He has become what he claimed to have hated less than a year ago.
  16. Punk is only good as an anti-hero giving promos.Still a mark for him though, a really cool person.
  17. Hate how watered down he's become... but it looks like Ace will actually use his power to keep Punk down, so Punk has a reason to feud with Ace now instead of just insulting the guy for no reason. This can bring his edge back.
    And the Jericho feud is the best booking of a WWE main-event babyface we've seen in a while.

    Despite him being so generic, good things appear to be on the horizon... Hopefully.
  18. Yes of course he has changed WWE from the same boring routine of Cena hogging the spotlight with the title to him having the title and making wrestling better. CM Punk should be champion for a long time hes entertaining to watch. For the love of god dont give the title back to Cena
  19. Heroes are defined by villains. When Punk became a face, there was no comparable heel for him to work against. His in-ring feud right away was ADR and then he was put in a feud with HHH (because of Nash's problems). ADR couldn't hold a candle to Punk's charisma and the HHH feud was booked thoroughly badly, mainly because they never went through with turning HHH heel.

    Now that we have Ace really feeling his oats and Jericho showing he can compete in the ring with the guy (I still think he should have won at Mania, but, there you go), I look for Punk's dry wit and sarcasm to start coming out in his promos again and I can see him becoming "dangerous" in the ring (like the destruction of Christian before Mania).

    In response to the OP, yes, I'm still a fan of Punk's. I think he's the best all-around wrestler in the business today. The only guys who I feel are really near his level are Bryan, HHH, James Storm, and Kurt Angle. They can all talk, go in the ring, and play either face or heel as the situation requires.

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  20. No plans for it soon.
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