Battleground You think Roman will return as a heel?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. I read something on his return basically being at the PPV (not before) and it would make more sense for him to return a heel than a face but at the same time, they really haven't did anything about that. I mean from what I see, he has been stuck at a tweener since before Wrestlemania. You think he will show up to Battleground as a heel? Should he stick to being a tween/face?
  2. He's going to get a heel reaction regardless of how they position him.
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  3. Obviously he's returning as a heel.. They made it obvious when they acknowledged his suspension on RAW. They can't bring him back as a babyface now.. Reigns wins the WWE Title at Battleground as a heel and feuds with Ambrose going into SummerSlam.
  4. Basically, he isn't getting cheered if he returns. WWE should listen to their fans and play along with the Boos. That same booking strategy made The Rock, and the opposite scenario made Steve Austin. I don't see why they won't turn him heel and use the crowd to get him over.

    I think he'll return as a heel. Calling him an embarrassment and unprofessional isn't how main guys should be represented as.
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  5. Making him a heel now feels more natural than ever. This is the time to pull the trigger. Dean the face is doing fine as champion. Rollins will eventually turn face, reigns be the major heel.
  6. The closer we get the more strangely realistic this is... I still doubt it... But never say never? Maybe?
  7. Forget if he'll return as a heel, the real question is will he return with an actual character?
  8. It's now or never. The chance is golden here! People already boo him... He just did drugs...Cool kids don't do drugs (according to Elementary and Middle Schools across most the world)... People will pay to see his butt kicked...Do it WWE...

  9. I honestly don't think Roman will return as a heel. Yeah, we think the time is right now, but the time has been right before as well. And they didn't do it. Honestly I think that they seem determined to keep him from being a heel no matter what is put in front of them.

    I've gotten to the point where I probably won't believe it will happen until maybe a day or two after it actually happens.
  10. Yes, Seth will turn face and Roman will be heel, though Ambrose should be walking out with the belt for Smackdown
  11. No matter how much they push the babyface or the tweener BS with him, he will always get booed.

    Turning him heel would get him over eventually, obviously.
  12. I agree completely but that doesn't mean Vince is going to get his head out of his ass and turn Roman heel. This is something that should have already been done so I have to only believe it when it actually happens.

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  13. He's obviously returning as a face. Just listen to the narrative presented. They're presenting him in a way that is supposed to give him sympathy
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  14. Yeah, but the crowd says otherwise. Their reply towards Roman will always be: Booooo!
  15. Who cares? Not Vince or any of the decision makers. It's not the entire crowds that boo Roman. It's a small vocal minority, just like Cena. There's still enough of a babyface pull for Roman on screen and as a business piece to justify him being babyface.

    WWE is not going to turn someone because a bunch of neckbeards don't like him
  16. Whatever. On Sunday, Roman over, double spear.
  17. Small vocal minority? That had to be one loud ass vocal minority to drain the music out at AT&T Stadium. John Cena gets booed, but never on the scale of encompassing an entire arena.

    It's a majority.
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  18. I don't know exactly what brand he's on and how this works - haven't looked really - but...

    -Even if this whole Roman as a face thing is one big work, they don't have enough heels to fill 2 PPV cards. Not even close. And very few things have the ability to get interest faster than Roman joining the dark side
    -If Meltzer is to be believed Vince is furious about this, and is happy to put Rollins and Styles ahead of Roman on the totem pole. This allows kinda gets the "Cena will never turn heel" stigma off him.
    -Unlike Cena, Roman is not a draw in any way. Not house shows, not merch, not buyrates. If they're serious about this top face run, why?
    -The argument of "Yeah but we'd all cheer the face turn so much!" doesn't matter so much now, because after this selfish wellness violation the levels of "Fuck this guy" is off the charts, plus with Ambrose and Rollins there there's so many ways to get massive heat on Roman at the same time
    -and in storyline Roman's frustration has to be off the charts right now with him gone and Rollins poking fun at him every week and...

    Definitely believe Roman CAN draw as a face but he damn sure isn't. I guess nothing will draw as much heat in 2016 than the current overpushed Roman, but now's the time to pull the trigger
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  19. He'll deffo be heel.
  20. I don't care about heel or face. I just care about Roman Reigns spearing dudes to death. I'll let everyone else obsess over how he's booked.
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