you think the rock should stay gone?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Webx, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. i been reading and seeing people around the web say rock just comes and steals the spotlight i love rock so i made this for you haters aka Gay Cena Clowns

  2. It's not like he would care about what the IWC thinks, he's extremely rich and popular. Although I think that the problem is not that they bring him back twice a year, I want them to use him to put someone (who's not Cena, because he doesn't need it) over. Punk or Bryan (maybe both) could be put over by him, and it seems like they're going to do it, so OK.
  3. So just because some people are against the idea of The Rock coming back for twice a year, it automatically makes them Cena fans? Yeah that makes a whole load if sence.

    I'm personally neither for or against it, but leaning more towards against, I don't really see a point in bringing him back for 2 appearances a year, as it's not like you can do much with him. I know Taker does 1 a year but that's because of health problems.
  4. Well the difference between the Undertaker coming back once a year as oppose to the Rock is that the Undertaker has the streak, so nobody who he fights, it'll always be a good match, since they get a shot that only very few people got. And just because you don't want the Rock to come back doesn't mean you're a Cena fan, that's being ignorant to assume that.

    As for what I think about him coming back, I think it should be to put over someone else. Put over someone, not to young though, I'd like to see someone like Wade Barrett, or Cody Rhodes, even The Miz. CM Punk vs The Rock would be great, but CM Punk is a multiple time world champion, I think it would be better to see those other guys pushed, just to add something good to their career in case of WWE being stupid enough not to put the world title around their waists(except The Miz). John Cena needs to start putting people over, not facing legends, Cena is already considered one of the best today, and is still young. Having the Rock vs Daniel Byran I would like to see too. It would be good to let Daniel beat the Rock, and since he has a motive because of the wedding thing, that would be able to take off. Plus he should get something for doing that 18 second Wrestlemania match, and fighting The Rock at Wrestlemania could redeem himself of that.

    So in short, if the Rock comes back to put over young talent, yes. If he comes back to feud with Cena, hell no.
  5. wish rock feud with new talent :/
  6. the rock is one of the greatest of all time and anytime we can have him back in the wwe then we should be grateful.
    yes he has grown a little stale but thats because he was working with supercena and theres only so much you can do with him.
    this new fued with cm punk has the potential to be epic.
    these super matchups create hype and storylines we could only dream about two years ago and now you want rock gone?
    cena rock at survivor series
    cena rock at wm
    cena lesnar
    lesnar hhh
    and now rock punk
    these matchups dont set benchmarks athletically but they are yardsticks in terms of story telling. The build up to these matches is awesome and they are trying to show the currebt roster how its done... rocks not here to bury talent.. hes here to work with them to make the product better... thats my opinion anyway
  7. Rock vs A-Ry!!
  8. The Rock should TOTALLY come back again. There's a reason why he's called "The Rock". He's as hard AS a Rock
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