You think you know me: A review of the Edge documentary

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  1. Just finished watching the first disc on the Edge documentary, You think you know me, the story of Edge.

    First of. The movie on the first disc is one hour, 50 minutes long and covers Edge life from birth until right after shooting of Bending the rules began and Edge appreciation night on Smackdown. The movie starts of describing Edge as a kid and what gave birth to his fascination with wrestling, then into his teens, meeting Christian and his families rough financial situation. Then onto his college days and wrestling training and touring the Canadian scene.
    The second part starts of with his signing with WWE and the Brood, then the saving of the Tag Team division along with Christian, the Hardys and Dudlie's all the way to when he had to retire. Of course a lot of the later part of the film focuses on his injury and his reaction to it but it helps build a emotional connection from the viewer with Edge. Edge does about 50% of the talking in the documentary, the rest being done by narrator, interview subjects and dialogue from archive footage. The movie did however skim over his mid card career a bit. Not really touching on his US or intercontinental title reigns.

    A large and colorful cast of people get interviewed in the movie. Both people that are close to Edge and people who are just his friends and co-workers. Among the interviewed are his mom, Christian, Lita, Matt Hardy, Edge College roomates, his training and touring partners from his Canada career, Rhyno, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Michael Hayes, Cena, Punk, Vickie Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder and many more.

    Having seen the other WWE documentaries released recently (Bret vs Shawn, Rock and Austin.) I would rank this one up there with B&S and Austin. The movie receives my personal grade of 4 out of five stars. The movie really paints a picture of the struggle and journey Edge undertook to become the star he was in the industry and is definitively worth a watch, even if Edge isn't your favorite wrestler. But then again. You think you know him....

  2. Did you buy it on DVD?
  3. Let's say it is available online for those that want to get a hold of it. But I'm not admitting to anything.
  4. Your eye patch is slipping #Pirate
  5. I see. Think I'll check it out too.

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