You thought football ended today after Group 1 of the Euros? THINK AGAIN

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  1. For all of you USMNT fans out there, World Cup Qualifying begins tonight at 7:00 EST.

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    This one is pretty simple. Either the United States beat Antigua and Barbuda on Friday night or they just give up. This one has to be a win and it should be a dominating one at that. The pitch at Raymond James Stadium is a mess, but that and pretty much anything else cannot be an excuse. Antigua and Barbuda should have no chance.

    Friday night will be the start of World Cup qualifying for the U.S., which assuming they qualify for the final round of qualifying, will stretch 16 matches. The good and bad of the friendlies is now irrelevant. It is all about results and booking a place in the 2014 World Cup.

    The Americans' scoreless draw against Canada on Sunday, like the rest of the friendlies, can be tossed out the windows, but there are still things to learn from it. That match made it pretty clear that Clarence Goodson will start at center back, but there are still other questions. Jozy Altidore's fitness is still up in the air so he may not start and Jurgen Klinsmann will have to reconsider his midfield, namely Jose Francisco Torres over Maurice Edu, after the shoddy performance against the Canadians.

    The 90 minutes in Tampa will kick off the third round of World Cup qualifying, which is comprised of three four-team groups in which the top two teams in each group advance to the final round. The final round, called the hexagonal because it has six teams, will see the top three teams qualify for the World Cup and the fourth place team go to a two-legged playoff for the final spot in Brazil.

    After picking up an expected three points against Antigua and Barbuda, the U.S. will turn its attention to Guatemala, who they will play in Guatemala City on Tuesday. The Benna Boys may not present the Americans with much of a challenge, but the Guatemalans, and a raucous home crowd will.

    Game Date/Time: Friday, June 8, 7:11 p.m. ET

    Venue: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida

    TV: ESPN (USA English), ESPN3 (USA Online), Galavision (USA Spanish)

  2. Fucking awesome, forgot this was today. I'll be watching this.
  3. Should be a 4 or 5 goal beatdown, but it will be nice to see what starting 11 Jurgen is going to go with for the summer and how they play when they are expected to dominate.
  4. Lineup announced

    GK Howard
    DEF: (No Johnson : (. ) Cherundelo, Goodson (over Onyewu, a little suprising) Bocanegra (captain) and Jose Torres (young player I like, usually plays in the midfield so look for him to play forward a lot)
    MID: Edu, Bradley, Donovan, Jones, and Dempsey- dope
    Striker- Gomez- wanted to see Jozy start, but he is just getting back into match shape after missing some time. Hopefully he subs in, but Gomez looked good against Brazil
  5. I kinda like the look of that midfield tbh, Jermaine Jones is a handy player as are Dempsey and Donovan. Not seen much at all of that kid up top tbh.
  6. He is pretty much a ho hum player who plays in the Mexican league, but he looked solid against Brazil last week. He's only starting as I mentioned because Jozy isn't in shape yet.

    But yea, a nice blend of offense and defense in the midfield for sure. I love all 5 of those guys
  7. Torres, Bradley, Donnovan, Dempsey and Gomez will be the star men imo. Gomez was awesome against Brasil, not just good, awesome. MOTM for US. I love Bradley, he's so composed. Donnovan is amazing, Dempsey is GOAT. I hope to see a decent dominating performance from US.
  8. Damn, it's pouring down rain.


    lmao, their keeper is 5 foot 8


    23 minutes to kick off they just said
  9. Lmfao just hit chips.
  10. #Fifalogic :dawg:
  11. I'ma go take a shower for 15 minutes.
  12. LB + B!!!

    I think. Is that right?
  13. LB B would be a chip shot I think. LB A would be the chip pass. I think. Hard to tell without playing lol

    It's pouring down rain and we are wearing white jerseys.. I'm going to be fapping to Clint Dempsey and I'm not ashamed to admit as much
  14. I know right?

    Tbh, I was a fan of Dempsey but was also a critic, but I'm sort of a hardcore fanboy for him now. I just like how nice/honest he is, and obviously the fact he's quality.
  15. Yea I don't see how you couldn't love the guy tbh. Any rumors heating up on where he will play next season? I haven't heard anything
  16. We get rumours daily saying he's coming to United but there's so many garbage rumours. He deserves top flight football, he's scored a ton in the PL this year as a CM.

    We just bought Kagawa so that plays against us, however, our midfield sucks enough to have 2 CM's bought this year so let's cross our fingers.
  17. I'm still hoping he winds up playing for Arsenal, but obviously I wouldn't complain to see an American playing for the most popular club in the world. That would be sweet.


    This shit's about to get underway.

    Jurgen interview. <3 such a boss


    I'm still a little confused by Jose Torres at left back lol, but we are in extreme circumstances with both our LBs going down
  18. Stream = Coming on.

    I'll turn you into a MUFC/Madrid fan eventually.
  19. I like RM just because I'm a CR fanboy. MU I told you I'd be a fanboy if they signed Dempsey
  20. I want them to sign him now MAINLY so you become a fanboy. #Draw

    US look a bit nervous, must be tough. Donnavon to score 3 tonight I think.
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