You try Tacobell breakfast?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. Who has had it? I have yet to try it but I only have TB like 4 times a year. Is it better than other fast food breakfasts? Is it worth the possible stomach issues hours after consumption? lol
  2. Not yet, but I plan to.
  3. What do you plan on trying first? I am debating on a few things. I don't even know their hours for breakfast... I probably have to wake up earlier than I am used to... ugg
  4. Never. I will however get a chicken mcgriddle and fries from McDonald's late at night sooner or later.
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  5. Isn't that mcgriddle the pancake sandwich?
  6. Yup, McDonald's biscuits suck ass.
  7. I only had that pancake thing once and it was not a good experience for me 2 hours later. And yes, they are somehow always stale.
  8. The original mcgriddle comes with a sasauge patty, you have to ask for chicken. Also, always ask to have your food dropped fresh. They'll give you a rude stare, they might even spit in your food, but it's always worth it.
  9. So fresh with spit, or stale with who knows what... I guess spit is better. lol I knew someone who worked at one of them and the workers always did nasty stuff to the food. Didn't matter who it was. I didn't eat mcd's for a long time. I think I only had them once this year. Maybe twice.
  10. I have a friend who works at a McDonald's so I'll go if I'm ever in the area. It's pretty rare, though. Out of all the options McDonald's and Taco Bell are barely ever considered.
  11. Fatsfood wise (yes, I did that on purpose) I would much rather do Chipotle, Chinese, or pizza. Wendy's was okay but I got sick of them.
  12. Jimmy John's, Chic-Fil-A, Zaxby's, Arby's, or Hardee's would be my top choices fasfood wise. The only pizza place I'll go to is such a far drive that I rarely get it.
  13. Donatos is hands down the best pizza to me but they are a bit of a drive and do no deliver by me which sucks. I never had Chic-Fil-A myself. And Arby's is meh. I am not a fan of roast beef though.
  14. Never heard of Donatos tbh. The place I go to is My Father's Place and the situation is the same for me. Chic-Fil-A is the best place for breakfast to me, their spicy chicken biscuit is just hard to top. As for Arby's, they have the best fries imo. Roast beef is great, but I prefer it cold.
  15. The curly fries? They are good when they are good but it depends on who makes them. I would take Rally's/Checker's over their fries any day.
  16. Just found out recently that Arby's sells their fries frozen, I'd recommend getting them.
  17. Seriously? Where at?
  18. Found them at a Target's frozen section. I don't doubt you'd be able to find them at a Wal Mart, or Kroger's though.
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  19. Nice thanks I will see if I can find them.
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  20. So dank. Chicken griddle sounds awesome too, but as a former worker there (when I was 15) when you ask to have it dropped fresh, it's probably just a patty thrown back in as a fuck you.
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