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  1. *The camera pans to Antonio still sitting on the sofa watching some of his indy matches with some of the greats on the Indies. He still looks annoyed at the car journey home. Izobella burst in the door and sits next to Antonio and begins to speak to him*
    Hey, we need to talk about the whole wrestling thing
    No, no we don't, I knew you'd be like this, this is why I didn't tell you I wanted to get back in the ring early.
    I am just looking out for my husband is that such a problem!! You cant go back in the ring early, lookwhat happened to your Dad, Anarchist his knees needed surgery over 9 times because he went back to early to please the fans, well in your case is not to please the fans it's just because you want to.
    Izobella you need to stop worring about me. I'm a 3rd generation superstar look at this.

    *The camera ps over to the TV of Antonio performing a suicide plancha straight into a flip plancha in a triple threat down on the indies and then it shows him performing the Handspring Cutter (Brighter Light) and then pans back to Izobella and Antonio sitting in the sofa*
    This is why I wrestle Izzie, I need money yes, but the main reason is if the fans love me or hate me I want them to witness a holy Shit moment and actually be like holy shit that was awesome, people go home and talk about me and my opponents. Even if we may be on the pre show, or the main event, why? Because we steal the god damn show. And sitting here feeling sorry for my self and my knee is loosing me money, momentum and kinda missing the road
    What about the kids? They've already come to me and been like 'Where's Dad, I wanna be a wrestler' yah know Steo wants you to train him, he's 18 and that when you started doing this with your dad, Anarchist training you, you are only 34 and you're already getting injured, your dad is nearly 58 and he is already retired, do you really want you being nearly a cripple at the age of 60. Steo may wanna be a wrestler but he will be a 4th generation superstar, he will have to live up to your name, Anarchists name and his grandads name. Are you sure you want him in that
    Babe, I see where you are coming from but my injury had nothing to do with wrestling, it was just aggravated by wrestling. To be honest I knwo wht you're saying about Steo but if he wants to train and if he wants to become 4th generation star let him, it's his choice. Yes it's a dangerous side of 'Entertainment' but I don't entertain. I fight and if Steo wants it and he wants to be In the ring let him. Babe you keep saying let the kids do what they want to do, and that is what I'm doing.
    Yeah but, ughh you know what you're not gonna listen do what the hell you want

    *the camera pans back to the TV and then fades black ending the segment*
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