You want you got it Crayo! Gohan6425 pensents Dolph Figgler!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 23, 2012.

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  1. [yt][/yt]​
    The fans hate so much that WWE cut his mic off!

    Gay Much? Just saying!




    And more coming!

  2. First one isn't a botch...

    Second one isn't a botch.
  3. Nobody's perfect you know. Even though he says he is. :nod:
  4. Not relevant. None of those were botches lmao.

    First one is either a lack of time on the show so they had to cut him, or it's a botch for the guy who handles the music. All Dolph Ziggler did was cut a decent promo.

    Second one is a wrestling move. You see this happen a lot, yes, half naked men in the ring wrestling will occasionally touch each others weiners. Can I post CM Punk's botches now?
  5. [yt][/yt]

    Very serious botch:




  6. Yes that are! And look at the 3rd 1!

  7. 3rd one doesn't work. See all of mine.
  8. First one is so horrible. Ugh.
  9. DUDE THE KANE 1 was not his fail!
  10. How is it not his fail? If Punk isn't strong enough to lift Kane above his head properly whose fault isn't it. That botch was because Punk couldn't get Kane high enough to properly apply the kneekick.
  11. lmao @ Randy trying to find Dolph botches and doing nothing but proving everyone's point that he doesn't botch.
  12. :dafuq: Yeah, it was Gallows's.:facepalm1:
  13. NO? He had him lift what were u watch Kane did fall in to were he hit him in the knee!



    are u not watch the video?
  14. Randy, the first two aren't botches and the last doesn't work. Whether or not the Kane one is a botch or not there's still like 6 more videos there which I found in 1 search. Ziggler doesn't botch anywhere near the same amount of times Punk does. Ziggler is awesome in the ring bro.
  15. Arguing with Randy is about as successful as arguing with the Berlin wall. We need Hasselhoff to brake it down.
  16. yes that do check it again!
  17. The 619 shit is just a result of retarded booking of a retarded move. The set up to that abortion of a finisher is always sketchy
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  18. None of the new ones are botches either unless you count failing to go out the ring properly.

    I love how in the Mysterio one (when there is no botch at all) he then goes and sells a spear better than anyone on the roster.
  19. 1st one - Not his fault

    2nd - Not a botch

    3rd - The definition of a minor botch

    4th - What Dolph's said

    5th - Vickie's fault

    I am a massive fan of Punk as well Randy, but even I admit he botches far too much. Ziggler practically never botches and the fact that those 5 videos were all you could find proves it.

    Most of Punk botch are not his fail! Kane was Kane fail b/c he fell in wrong were Punk put his knee to his face. The rope cosedline botch well let see u got do it not that easy to do!

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