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    *Antonio is sitting in his personal locker room, drinking a bottle of the finest water he could get. His personally driver and literally personal everything walks into Antonioa locker room. Antonio looks a little annoyed at Alexs presents. He looks overy and sees it is Alex. He begins to laugh and chuckle about what he did to Will Neilson*
    Oh my god, oh my god, Did you see what I did? I kicked his flipping head off, if he thinks he's getting a world title before me he has another think coming. I deserve that more than him, I mean
    *Before Antonio Can finish speaking Alex cuts him off and Antonio looks pissed*
    For god sake Shut up, I need to talk to you!! They're thinking of suspending you, you idiot. After what you did to Will, they need to ensure you're not gonna cost him his match or even worse injure him, you can't let them suspend you. You need the money, you could have ruined everything with one kick, you stupid man
    Don't speak to me like that Alex, Suspension?!? It was one kick. I didn't mean to kick his head off. I need this money I don't need suspension. What on earth will I tell the wife and kids. Alex help you've gotta talk them round, I can't be suspended.

    Okay, okay I will try and speak to management your contract is very important in this case, do you know what you signed?
    *Before Antonio can reply his phone rings he knows it is management, he is on the phone for about 10 minutes pleading with management not to suspend him, he finally gets off the phone and looks up at Alex and sighs*
    They have decided to cut my pay for a week, which I mean is good but I'm still here I guess, but I have got next week off, I asked and I got so, obviously my contract is good, they also asked about my debut match. Like really I'm allowed to make that decision aswell. Obviously I did something right on the indies ayyyyy Alex
    *Alex looks up at Antonio and suggests he does something to take his mind off his kind of suspension but not suspension. Antonio looks back with a smirk on his face*
    Why don't you do something next week seens as you cant be here next week? I mean you can do anything really we've got quite a substantial amount of money now, how about a family day out or something?
    That's a bloomy great idea Alez, there's a car show on in New York City how about I drive for like the first time in 3 years and you get to be the rider, I think it's a great idea could come back with a new car, how about

    *Before Antonio can finish Will Neilson burst through the door and starts shouting at Antonio*
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  2. Will: TONY! Well..... how was your call from management buddy? Oh yeah, your getting half your pay now aren't you? This is why you don't kick people in the head, just because you had history with them on the independent scene. By the way, I spoke to the Precision GM and he made me a deal.... listen closely Tony....

    *Will's agent Jeff Styles walks in with a contract.*

    Will: As you may know I face Buster Gates tonight on Precision, if I win of course I advance to the finals of the World championship tournament. However... I know this won't happen, but if I do manage to somehow lose..... your ass is mine.

    *Jeff lays the contract on the table in front of Antonio, and both him and Will walk out the room, Antonio looks worried as he picks up the contract and stares at it closely, the camera slowly fades out.*
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