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  1. *The segment opens to Andersen Vega sat in his luxurious locker room, smartphone in his hand, smiling at the screen. It contrasts starkly with the spartan set-up of Jack Rogue’s changing area seen regularly by the audience as a place for his focus and determination, from which he has spoken regularly with his fans. Even from this one shot, it is very evident that Vega’s locker room is much larger than Jack’s, he has a padded leather seat and his whitewashed walls have various decorations, including multiple framed photographs of his career successes. Andersen is wearing his wrestling tights and boots, and a black T-Shirt on which The Monarchy’s golden logo is emblazoned. After a few seconds of Vega engaged in his phone, there is a slow knock at the door, which causes him to glance up and smirk into the camera. He then pointedly returns his attention to the screen before responding*

    : Come in.

    *The camera zooms out to show a wider shot of the locker room, and Jack Rogue walking slowly across it towards his employer, Vega. He is wearing a plain black hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and trainers, his hands lying awkwardly by his sides. Andersen is still absorbed in his phone and has paid Rogue no heed since he entered. Jack bites his lip and looks scornfully around the locker room, quietly tapping the ground with his foot, then finally cracks*

    Jack: You… wanted me to be here?

    Andersen: Did I ask you to speak? I’ll pay you attention when it suits me and not before. When do you get to speak, Jack?

    Jack: When I’m spoken to.

    Andersen: Really? You could’ve fooled me.

    : Sorry.

    : What?

    Jack: I said, “I’m sorry”.

    : I’m sorry, who?

    : I’m sorry, sir.

    Andersen: Damn right.

    *Vega shakes his head in disdain and returns his gaze to his phone. After nearly ten seconds of intense concentration, Andersen cries out*

    : Seriously, Snorlax? You’re gonna run from me, you fat fuck? You have “Lick” as an attack anyway, I don’t need your ass.

    *Casually throwing the phone over his shoulder to land behind him on the seat, Vega sits back and speaks to Jack*

    : Now I’m ready to speak to you. Did you deliver the chocolates to Yenee?

    *Rogue nods unenthusiastically, but Andersen begins to sit up in anticipation*

    : And what did she say?

    Jack: She said “thank you”.

    : To tell me “thank you”?

    Jack: No, just “thank you”.

    : Did you even tell her they were from me?

    : Yes.

    : Damn, not good. Should’ve done it myself, can’t trust you with anything. Except maybe drinks. Go get me a Pepsi, Jack. And be quick.

    *Rogue sighs almost inaudibly and turns on his heel to cross the room to a mini-fridge and grab a can. He brings it back and hands it to Vega, who opens it and takes a sip, then stares into the air contemplatively*

    : You know, Jack, I haven’t done this just for my own sadistic pleasure, or just to humiliate you – although I do deserve to have fun with my lil’ bitch and your humiliation will continue, make no mistake. There is a goal to this, you should be unsurprised to hear, aware as you are of my brilliance and superiority over you. Isn’t that right, Jack?

    *Rogue sighs with audible anguish before responding through gritted teeth*

    : Yup...

    Andersen: Um, sorry?

    : Yes, sir.

    : You will learn to give me the respect I deserve as your superior, Jack, or else we will never be able to move past this. I will be unable to continue improving you. And at that point, you become useless baggage to me, and if you wear out your usefulness I will terminate your employment at the drop of a hat. So you will fall into line, is that understood?

    *Jack’s eyes are firmly on the floor at Andersen’s feet by now, as the reality of his predicament continues to wear on him*

    Jack: Yes, sir.

    : Better. As I was saying, my goal here is to improve you. Well, by that I mean making you more like me… *Vega gestures at the room around him with the hand holding his drink* …not a bad standard to aspire to, huh? And to become like me you will need to go through the same process I went through to change from the midcard-roaming, people-pandering ball of average that I was – and that you are currently – to the main event star I am now, freed of a moral compass and the burden of public support. Ya see, Jack, once you are able to abandon your values of earning things and playing by the rules and respecting people that do nothing for you in return, in the way I did, you’ll be changed into someone who can pursue what matters without having to think about the rest of that bullshit. After all, you have the in-ring skill already, the worst half is done. You just need that change, and then you can be just like me. Wouldn’t you like that?

    *Rogue’s eyes are still on the ground, his head bowed, but he remains stoically silent. Vega leans in towards him and stares into him with a new intensity*

    : Wouldn’t you like that? To be free of all that’s held you back? Say that you’d like it, that’s an order.

    Jack: I’d like that, sir.

    Andersen: Maybe if I can keep getting you to say it, you’ll begin to believe it.

    *Andersen leans back and a playful smile crosses his face. Jack notices this and a worried expression appears on his*

    : So seeing as you’re so eager to be changed, maybe a physical change would be a good start. After all, you’re paler than a Precision ring canvas and maybe if you didn’t look like something out of Ghostbusters you’d start to see that you don’t need anyone else – except me, obviously – to be successful. So go get tanned, Jack. I hear there’s one of those sunbed places a few blocks away… *Vega chuckles happily to himself* …maybe we could get your skin to match your ugly hair?

    *Jack suddenly stares defiantly into Vega’s eyes, but when Andersen’s carefree demeanour is unchanged, anxiety moves into his eyes*

    : I… I’m not sure how that’ll… help anything…

    : Don’t worry about it, Jacky-boy. You’re much too stupid to understand – but trust me, it’ll do you good, maybe you’ll be able to get your first girlfriend and see the kind of people that reallymatter in this world. Not Yenee, obviously. She’s mine. Or will be when you learn to be a half-decent wingman. Now go, I want to see it done when I get back from my match tonight.

    *Rogue’s head is now completely bowed, but the camera can see the beginnings of tears welling in his eyes at Andersen’s abuse of power. Vega grins as Jack slowly walks away, then takes another swig of Pepsi as the locker room door closes*

    -End of segment-
    OOC (open)
    Had some fun with this one, but the best is yet to come from this storyline - stay tuned! Thanks to @Welsh-Wizard-97 for letting me write for Andersen "Supreme Dickhead" Vega, and checking this over. :emoji_slight_smile:
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