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  1. What are some things you wish you could do but can't.
    Can be fiction/reality, skills, ect.

    I wish I could play a violin really well. I love the sound. I actually may try to learn it when I have the cash to buy one and pay for lessons. lol
  2. I wish I could fly DBZ style. :tough:
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  3. [Aids font]i wish you'd make an HQ relevant thread[/Aids font]

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  4. I love fantasy/supernatural stuff, so I wish I had magical powers and could be a wizard or something like that.

    I love music, so I wish I could learn how to play the harp. I think it's such a beautiful and exquisite instrument. If I had the money or time to learn it, I'd definitely try to learn how to play the harp.

    Generally, I wish I was an athlete. I can do general workout things but outside of that I'm pretty uncoordinated lol. I think it would be cool to play volleyball, tennis, or any other sports.
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  5. Wish I was or at least was able to sing like the mighty King Diamond
  6. I wish I didn't wait this whole time for Deth to inevitably pop up just to see him make a completely normal comment.
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  7. I wish a nigga would
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  8. These threads are so fucking abuse/overused by now. I wish they would stop.
  9. :awyeah:
  10. I wish YOU would stop. :kobe:
  11. im like the energizer bunny baby, i just keep on going, and going, and going, but sadly, never coming. :stopspot:
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  12. I wish my Anxiety never came up as it would make life a whole lot easier and less stressful and my training would be a lot easier without that fear from Anxiety.

    I would wish I could fit in with normal people and like football and shit but fuck those guys :dawg:
  13. If there is anything ive learned in my 27 years, it's that fitting in isnt worth compromising. Work hard at school and the things you like doing and youll be able to go to a school where you meet like-minded people. Just because you arent the champ at one spot doesnt mean you wont make friends somewhere you can succeed at.
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  14. OLD! YOURE OLD!!!!! :yes:
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  15. Old enough to impregnate your wife.
  16. Too bad you're impotent :smug:
  17. Give me some force powers and a green double bladed saber and I'll be fine.
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  18. I wish, I had the Intercontinental Championship!
  19. I wish I could break dance like a mofo, lol.

    Awesome advice
  20. I wish I don''t testify.
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