Other Young Bucks vs. Hardy Boyz for the first time ever!

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  1. Northeast Wrestling will return to Fishkill, NY for a huge stadium show at Dutchess Stadium, featuring the first ever Young Bucks vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy match on Saturday 8/3.
    Also advertised for the show:

    *Piledriver vs. Piledriver: Jerry Lawler vs. Kevin Steen for the first time ever.

    *Bret Hart will be appearing for an in-ring interview

    *Mayy Sydal (Evan Bourne) vs. NEW Champion Brian Anthony vs. Caleb Konley

    *Matt Taven with Kasey Ray vs. Mike Bennett with Maria Kanellis

    *J Busta w/ The Platinum Entourage vs. Monster BC (Brodus Clay) with Booker T.

    *Velvet Sky, Robbie "The Giant" Araujo and Mark Shurman vs. Reby Sky, Shovelhead Chuck and "The Manscout" Jake Manning.

    *Sergei Volkov vs. Romeo Roselli

    *Jimmy Hart will also be appearing.

    NEW also has events on 8/16 in Bethany, CT and 9/7 at the North Haven Fair in North Haven, CT.

    For more, visit www.NorteastWrestling.com.
  2. lmfao someone get Lawlers coffin ready.
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  3. lmao just saw it is booked.

    lmao is all I'll say lol
  4. Man, I'd pay to see Steen kill Jerry Lawler.
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  5. Its great to see talent exchanges in wrestling
  6. Have you had gay sex with a WWE top ranked pedophile? Kevin Steen, meet Jerry Lawler
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  7. Legit lel'd at this, lmao Lawler is a bitch
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  8. Yet Vince McMahon would fire anybody but him.
  9. yeah, true. They lick each other's anuses
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  10. Gross.
  11. Kill Steen Kill:happy:
  12. Seems like a good card. And lol @ Lawler competing. That old man must have a deathwish.
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  13. Will be looking forward to seeing Young Bucks vs Hardy Boyz.
  14. You make it seem as if he's had a heart attack during a live RAW, during which he was lying unconscious in the announce booth. You make it seems like he's died and was brought back by EMTs while cameras switched to live action.

    Jerry Lawler doesn't have a death wish, and even if he did, he'd probably never announce again.
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  15. :dawg:
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  16. I think the Hardy Boyz/Young Bucks match might be good, but if it was Hardys from 10 years ago, it would be something fucking crazy. As for Lawler competing, stop. I would not even let Lawler walk past the fucking curtains, crazy old ass dude trying to get himself killed in my ring nope.
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  17. Apparently it's money >> life.
  18. Jesus if Jeff ever sober? wtf was with that mask?
  19. Jeff reminds me of James Franco in Pineapple express there. It's weird in that he sounds like an idiot but you don't want to call him an idiot because he's so brighteyed and chilled out.
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