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  1. Fri, Dec 18th - 2300 Arena - Philadelphia, PA
    After more than a decade, FINAL BATTLE RETURNS TO PHILADELPHIA! On December 18th, Ring of Honor will present FINAL BATTLE 2015 on Pay-per-view. Plus, the very next night, we will return for the AFTERMATH and a huge television taping!

    The heart and soul of ROH is in its Philadelphia roots. For the first time since 2004, FINAL BATTLE heads home! This year, we will be LIVE on PPV from the legendary 2300 Arena! FINAL BATTLE marks the culmination of a year's worth of rivalries and competition. There's no telling who will show up and who will leave as a champion. FINAL BATTLE is a must-see event for all professional wrestling fans! And the next night, all of the fallout will spill into a massive ROH television event!

    When peacocks are under heavy emotional duress, they are known to attack violently, using claws and quick attacks to rid themselves of the stress and dispose of their stressor. Does the “Party Peacock” possess these same qualities? Has he been driven to the edge?

    Following All-Star Extravaganza, Dalton Castle has been a man operating with a clouded mind and a broken heart. Since losing The Boys to “The Last Real Man” Silas Young in San Antonio, “The Party Peacock” has channeled his confusion and angst into wins in singles competition against former ROH World Champion Adam Cole and Adam Page. But questions remain: can Castle beat Young without The Boys in tow or has Young, fresh off victories that launched him into the Survival of the Fittest Final, gotten Castle’s number once and for all? ROH fans will find out, as Castle and Young meet one-on-one in Philadelphia at Final Battle!

    The rivalry between Castle and Young has become among the most competitive, and personal, in ROH history. Castle turned back the challenge of “The Last Real Man” in July in Baltimore before Young issued a challenge for a rematch at All-Star Extravaganza in September. The rematch came with a stipulation: a Young win would net him The Boys while a “Party Peacock” victory would net Castle Young as his newest boy. After using his knee brace, a low blow and Castle’s boys to his advantage, Young walked out of San Antonio with The Boys on his arms.

    Since their original encounter, both competitors have been among the most winningest ROH stars. But the landscape has changed in a way that stacks the deck in Young’s favor for the rubber match in the city of Brotherly Love. “The Last Real Man” has paired up with the menacing 350+ pound Beer City Bruiser to help “turn The Boys into men”, making The Boys do manual labor and menial tasks like carrying Bruiser’s kegs and putting out his cigars. While Young has not only gained the physical advantage by adding three bodies to his corner, he has also undoubtedly gained the emotional advantage.

    A saddened Castle delivered an impassioned plea to The Boys at a recent Ring of Honor event, asking them to come home. But The Boys surprised Castle and the live crowd when they left ringside with Young and Beer City Bruiser. Has the heavy psychological toll driven Castle to madness? Or has this darkness helped Castle cultivate a more vicious, driven, and calculated “Peacock”, turning his proclivity for the fancier side of life into a focused, championship contentious path?

    Castle faces a major crossroads in Philadelphia – the “Party Peacock” has found tremendous success and has blazed to the championship of his choosing. But in his way are “The Last Real Man”, The Beer City Bruiser, and, perhaps most importantly, The Boys. The man who wins the Final Battle likely will have won the war.

    As always, is the place for the latest updates on stars and matches signed for December 18th and 19th, but don't wait to get your tickets. ROH events in Philadelphia SELL OUT, and FINAL BATTLE 2015 is a can't miss conclusion to our best year yet!

    To get your tickets to FINAL BATTLE, click HERE! And to be there the very next night and witness the AFTERMATH, click HERE!

    Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents:
    Final Battle '15 Live on Pay Per View
    Friday, December 18th, 2015
    2300 Arena - Philadelphia, PA
    Doors open 7:30pm / 9pm Bell Time

    **MAIN EVENT**
    Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

    War Machine vs. The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis

    Bobby Fish vs Roderick Strong or Delirious

    Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

    Alex Shelley, ACH & #Reborn Matt Sydal vs The Addiction & Chris Sabin

    “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway

    The Young Bucks vs All Night Express vs The Briscoes

    YouTube Exclusive
    Cheeseburger vs Brutal Bob

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