Kayfabe Young's Pre-Show segments Part 1: Lilith Young

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*The Segment starts with an “earlier today” clip of Chris and Lilith Young entering the arena both pulling their luggage bags. Chris’ bag is marked with an N7 Spectre symbol and Lilith’s is Marked with a Pathfinder patch. The duo enters the building, But Chris takes a stairway down and Lilith takes a stairway up. The video cuts back to the ringside crew.*

Tony Eckert: As you just saw, Chris and Lilith Young, as well as many stars, have already arrived in the arena today. All trying to keep their minds on their matches tonight,

Reese MaCleod: These men and women are going to battle tonight and our fans had the chance to vote on every match here tonight.!

Tony Eckert: We'll be starting off the show later on with a blockbuster of a match, it will be Terra Hayze defending her SPARK World Championship for the first time against former champion Vanessa York, and two women who will most likely be champion one day, in Christina Morgan and Lilith Young.

Reese MaCleod: Now, originally, this match was supposed to be contested under "Falls Count Anywhere" rules, however, because of your voting, due to a three-way tie, only Christina Morgan will be allowed to compete with basically no rules.

Tony Eckert: Astoundingly Christina was not voted for, so the other three women will have to abide normal rules otherwise they will be disqualified from contention. Now let’s see what the “Black Rose” had to say when cameras joined her on the rooftop of the building earlier today.

*The feed changes to a video with a shot of Lilith Young dressed in her casual wear consisting of skinny jeans, boots and a blue and white leather jacket. She is leaning on a guardrail looking off in the distance with the sun casting a movie like shadows onto the rooftop. The camera moves in on her, But she does not turn to it, She starts speaking with a calm and collective tone like she is focused on something. Her accent is not as strong as normal like she is trying to hold it back, but as she speaks more and more her accent comes out.*

Lilith Young: You know, I look at this city and I think of home back in Ireland and the road ‘be it managing Chris and Fergal Kanyon to almost retiring when William was born, But my love for wrestling is never going to die. It’s nights like this that remind me why I started training when I was 16. To get to wrestle vs the best and right here in SPARK I get to do that. The last year before we all got this shot I got to face someone who very respected, Even if it was in a pointless battle royal. *Laughs* Tonight in my 2nd hometown, I fight for a world championship and it is getting me excited to wrestle again. Tonight 3 great women are walking and so is on amazing lass is coming to kick arse. I’ve been in the ring with Christina Morgan, Vanessa York, And the SPARK World Champion, Terra Hayze before and they're all tough lasses inside those 4 corners and 3 ropes, But I will not let break me, *Sigh* To be honest, I want to win I will do anything to win, But only Christina has that in this four-way….thanks for that voters...heh heh.

*The sun moves in a way that causes her red hair to shine in the sunlight and she turns around giving an another movie like shot with the sunlight behind her. The camera zooms in showing only her head and upper body. She looks to the sky and reaches out.*

Lilith Young: My dream is only a grab away, But it feels like it’s a galaxy away at the same time. In this galaxy and maybe even the next we are fighting for a place in the history books.
The blood, the sweat, nd the tears I have put into wrestling lights the fire, It’s making me want to go out there and show the world that I can win, That I can hang with them, That I am not going to back down. That the Championship will be mine.The fighting spirit is alive and well in my body and is flowing in my blood. I look at every woman here in SPARK and I’m almost blown away by all I’ve faced so far. This is a dream I had since I started training at 16 years old and I want this dream to become a reality. The dream of standing in the middle of the ring with the championship in m hands and never letting go. I know I was put against the wall in this match, But it is no problem. Put any woman in front of me and I will go head on into war.​

*She stops and turns her back again like she is hiding emotion from the camera and regains her composure. She cracks her knuckles and starts walking towards the stairway door before stopping as she grabs the handle.*

Lilith Young: Christina Morgan, Vanessa York, And the SPARK World Champion, Terra Hayze, We all need a path to follow. I Am still finding my path on this long road and my dream is going to become a reality if they like it or not. This pathfinder is going to find the SPARK World Championship and that is a fact and its damn real. The Black Rose is back!

*Lilith Opens the door and slams it behind her and the screen cuts back to the team at ringside.*

Tony Eckert: Strong Words from Miss Young.

Reese MaCleod: That bit at the end about finding a path to follow. I think I know what she been doing since Tuesday.

Tony Eckert: Well, Later on, we will here also from "The Amazing" Chris Young.

Reese MaCleod: Knowing him, well you never know haha.

*The screen fades to a video for Bryce Frisco vs. Lord Fireshock.*

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