Kayfabe Young's Pre-Show segments Part 2: Chris Young

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*The Segment starts with an “earlier today” clip of Chris and Lilith Young entering the arena both pulling their luggage bags. Chris’ bag is marked with an N7 Spectre symbol and Lilith’s is Marked with a Pathfinder patch. The duo enters the building, But Chris takes a stairway down and Lilith takes a stairway up. The video cuts back to the ringside crew.*

Tony Eckert: As you just saw again like before, Chris and Lilith Young went above and below after arriving here in their hometown.

Reese MaCleod: We heard from Lilith earlier on in the Pre-Show. Now we are going to hear from “The Amazing” Chris Young.

Tony Eckert: The Intercontinental Championship match featuring former champion Chris Young and current champion Todd McKay.

Reese MaCleod: After the poll for this match was done and over with, one result stood tall, and that was that you all wanted to see them compete in a grueling ladder match.

Tony Eckert: This will surely be as hard hitting as they come because these two men are going to go to hell and back if it means they'll walk out as the Intercontinental Champion.

Reese MaCleod: Especially after their last match ended with such controversy. And Jet has asked me to let everyone know, that whoever loses this match will not be able to challenge for the championship for as long as the winner of this match holds the belt. With that out of the way let’s hear from Chris Young.

*The Feed changes to a shot of the lower levels of the arena. The lights swinging from the ceiling and the noise of the crowd echoes down the halls. The cameraman walks around till he sees Chris Young who is leaning on a crate also still in his casual wear consisting of jeans, boots and a black and red leather jacket. He has his arms crossed and is looking like he is lost in thought. His eyes are filled with a fire as if he is a man on a mission. He looks over at the camera and starts to speak.*

Chris Young: I Have had something taken from me. I lost something dear to me and now I must climb a ladder of fate and take myself to higher places just to get it back. I must go out there in front of my friends and family and take it back! I don't know what I’m going to find in there, but I'm not going to lie to you, it's not going to be easy, For me or Todd McKay. I’m treating this as do or die. Hell, Just call it a suicide mission. When I walked out after that match last week and saw my championship in the arms of that kids’ hand it makes me want to vomit. You have no right to hold it.Todd, You’re an annoying waste of air that needs to be taken out. I’m going to go out there and give you, hell I was born to do this. I’m the more skilled wrestler, You get away with luck. No one is ready for war like I am.

*Chris Stands up and opens the crate and inside was a baseball bat painted red and black and a folded in half ladder. Chris Just stares at them with his back to the camera.*

Chris Young: Tools of war lay here Todd. I know these like a commander knows his crew and weapons. Now with the fans voting for a match, I know and love, They may just want you to suffer boy. I've been suffering ever since you stole the championship from me. It almost broke me, But after standing in this arena again and after looking out into the stands and seeing this crowd. I Know I can beat you and I will beat you! I Am a man on a mission and I will make sure I walk out and you limp out. I’m doing this may way and The King that Rules the Ring will make you bow down. I Walked a long ass road to get to where I am today and I’m not going to go down without bleeding. I Am a wrestler, I’m one hell of a wrestler, But I’m also a man of my word.

*Chris Reaches into the crate and pulls out the bat. He smirks as he holds the bat up and spins it and Chris closes the crate and leans back on crate as he holds the bat like a cane.*

Chris Young: I'm going to do it or die to try. I’m a wrestler…. I Am a wrestler, That’s what I do and that’s who I Am and believe me when I say that I've sacrificed everything to be here. The 20-hour drive. Every time I had to sleep on a hard floor or in a car because I could not afford a hotel room. Every time I ate out of a tin of SPAM because I could not afford a meal. I Know I’ve said this before, But I want the world to know that here in my hometown in my yard that I’m going to rip it up out there and take back my championship once and for all. Not just for me, But for everyone out here.

*Chris Starts to walk down the hallway and the camera following him the lighting starts to get brighter as he walks. He is gripping the bat with a sense of purpose. His steps are heavy and slow. He looks dead ahead as the camera follows behind him.*

Chris Young: I’m a wrestler…. I Am a wrestler, That’s what I do, But I’m still human and If I lose tonight I’ll get right back up. It takes more than a storm to take me down. No shock can shake me. The gates will not close on me. I am Chris Young and tonight that ring is my citadel and when I climb that ladder tonight and the gold shines in my face…

*As Chris Get’s to the same door he used to enter the lower levels he stops with his hands on the handle. The lights are fully lit and with the light shining on his bat and jacket a light smile can be seen on his face.*

Chris Young: I Will bring it down and hold the championship to the sky and to everyone will see. That Chris Young is The Amazing Hero and the King that Rules the Ring. So Todd, You better watch out because you may have a breakdown.

*Chris Opens the door and the feed cuts back to the ringside crew.*

Tony Eckert: You know, I’ve never seen Chris this focused on a match before.

Reese MaCleod: Well he has to be, He may not have a shot for a long time if he loses.

Tony Eckert: Loses like this can make a man broken, I can’t wait for this match,

*The feed fades to a video for Tyson Storm vs Luis Alvarado.*
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