Your 5 least favorite in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. I was thinking since I no longer despise seeing Orton on my TV who are your least 5 favorite at the moment?

    1.) Ryback- nobody else even comes close. he is head and shoulders above the rest in a league of his own. I hope he gets fired tomorrow
    2.) RVD- omg, he can get the crowd to say his name in unison as he points to himself! I die a little inside when this old bum goes over guys
    3.) CM Punk- nothing so much against the guy, still just his fans. He cuts an absolutely boring promo on Raw last night and he gets rave reviews from much of the IWC. Puke
    4.) Cena- I'm not one of 'those haters', but damn his character is in prime awfulness lately. It's not so much his fault but his interaction in the ME last night is an example of why I can't stand his character
    5.) AJ Lee- Not a huge hater, but I still don't see the appeal. She got the 5th slot by default really, as i can't think of anyone else I really hate at this point.

    post yours
  2. Main roster only, or can I throw out some dislikes for NXT wrestlers as well?

  3. I'd rather see 5 main roster names, but feel free to throw in some NXT'rs in a side-list.
  4. 1. The Miz: Annoying, below average in the ring, boring on the mic.
    2. Cena: Tired of the same old schtick. 10 years is more than long enough.
    3. Fandango: Stupid gimmick, seems like others are finally realizing it.
    4. Sheamus: Not a natural face. Cringe worthy. Needs a new gimmick and or heel turn ASAP
    5. Khali: Useless, that is all.
  5. I'm shocked at the lack of Ryback
  6. 1. Khali: Brings nothing to the table. Go back to India please.
    2 Brodus Clay: Potential wasted.
    3: Eva Marie: She's only had one mic segment so far and I already dislike her a lot.
    4: Ryback: Vince needs to realize it is time to abandon ship and restructure him.
    5: AJ: Just bleh, uninteresting and unentertaining.

    Honorable NXT mentions to Bo Dallas.
  7. 1.) Miz- This guy is someone that I just can't like, He's just a natural born heel. Miz TV is also the worst thing that I have ever laid eyes on.
    2.)Sheamus-he's a good wrestler but please get off my screen. He's gotten so stale that it's barely watchable, not to mention that he NEVER loses clean.
    3.)Brock Lesnar- I like Brock a lot don't get me wrong, but please just trash the stupid fucking MMA shit. I JUST WANT WRESTLING DAMMIT.
    4.)Kofi Kingston- this dude just refuses to change in any way shape or form.
    5.)Layla- She has to involve herself in every Diva feud it feels like, not to mention that she can't wrestle that well.
  8. He actually amuses me. Not in the way intended, but the heavy breathing and head bob are funny.

  9. I guess you do enjoy this season of Dexter, so you are easily amused.
  10. Sheamus
    Any Heel Diva. They're characters are all the same and all they do is chauvinistic crap, so we can group them all together.
    RVD and the fans who cheer for him
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  11. I find it shocking that a man of your taste in wrestling can dislike Del Rio so much. I could see you saying his character is dull or whatever, but bottom 5 in the company? Baffling
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  12. I find it equally baffling someone like you can hate a wrestler because of their fans. Being a bit hypocritical there bro.

    1) Sheamus
    2) Ryback - loved him as the anti-hero, now he sucks.
    3) Big Show
    4) ADR - good wrestler, but he bores the tears out of me atm. Hate him on my screen.
    5) RVD

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Ryback
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  15. We've gone in circles time and time again about how fans can impact my views on a wrestler. I don't see the hypocrisy in it, either. Maybe a bad word choice
  16. You have great taste in which wrestlers to hate brethren
  17. Literally, probably the five that get the most screen time, lol.
  18. I just find it amusing how someone having ADR on their list shocks you, but putting a wrestler/entertainer on your least favourite list because of their online fans is fine. I also find it amusing how people can be bothered by their fans; if a wrestler entertains me he entertains me, regardless of their fanboys.

  19. Probably explains why I hardly ever watch anymore.

  20. Punk rarely entertains me though, so couple that with his shit fans and I truly don't enjoy the man on my television.

    "someone" having ADr on their list doesn't shock me. It surprised me that Rain hates him so much because he is generally better than that.
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