Your absolute funniest moment on WF or with people from WF

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. So yeah, what are your funniest moments on WF or for example on Skype with members from WF? Obviously by WF I mean wweforums and not the tader site (inb4 Jono flames Dolph again).
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  2. Watching Ryan play BO2. Remember the derp route on Meltdown?
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  3. Classic. Do you remember when he was 1 vs 5 quickscopers on SND Express with his target finder LSAT? Legit one of my top 5 funniest moments. He floored every single one of them.
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  4. Late night Skype chats with Danny, Deathbane, Rusty, leojay, Farooq and sometimes Crayo amd Xanth.

    Think in one of the discussions we were rating girls or something. We all rated someone until it was Farooq's turn in which he replied, " I think all women are beautiful."
    In which everyone replied.
    > BOOO!
    > Fucking cheap pop!
    > You suck
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  5. Another one of mine is when Adam did something on Xbox (can't remember what now), but it wasn't something too bad. Xanth dies and then absolutely flames the living fuck out of Adam for it. He called him something along the lines of a ginger cum nugget and I was crying for a good 10 minutes. In fact, I can list so many Xanth-rants on Xbox in this thread.
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  6. dude WF is wrestlingforum you can't just steal there shit. wwef works fine you lazy asshole
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  7. Lady talking about girls farting during sex
  8. Me beating Xanth, Jono and Adam in a bike race in GTA V.
  9. Probably the skype calls with farooq, deathbane, deth, punk, Britta, aids, dat kid, xanth, leojay, and i'm probably missing someone but you get my point.
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  10. Hell yea, we all marked for the Ryaclutch.
    Also, the Jonocalls. Especially one where he calls out zig on Raid, and me and you are both there.
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  11. Skype chats with dat DX crew! PEPSI BABIES!!!!
    The DX section in general at night.
    Based Danny. Chat Roulette Danny. Sometimes, even Drunk Danny. The many faces of Daniel-SON Woods erybody.
    Shadow + Bill in an xbox live party. Throw in Dat Kid for big dick jokes. Always lol'ing.
    Ops with Crayo was always entertaining. Xanth's impression of Jono... SPOT ON!
    I can go on and on. Can't just pick one.
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  12. Lol! Lady Deathbane talking about queefing
  13. Brita and her husband bailing me out when the cops are chasing me on gtav
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  14. HA! YOU HAVE COPS! :angry: :eww: :woo1:
  15. Also enjoyed the many flip outs by Gohan. :obama:
  16. I enjoy the female ass on this site.
  17. So someone actually enjoys Jonathon's company? :shock:
  18. [​IMG] mhmmm
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