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    I thought this would be a fun little thread to do. Basically I assume we all made a superstar/diva after ourselves and made our own story in a WWE game.

    So how this will work is that you will tell your story, who they are, what was their entrance like, finishers, tag partners, how many titles you've won, when did you debut (First use) where did you debut (What show or PPV) Etc.

    Have fun! I can't wait to read them. I'll also be writing one up.

    1. What is your CAW's Name?
    2. Which game did you debut in?
    3. Where was your first match?
    4. Who was it against (Or someone you remember versing if you can't exactly remember)
    5. What was your theme?
    6. Who's entrance moves did you use?
    7. What was your finisher and did you have your own name for it?
    8. Were you ever in a tag team?
    9. How many titles have/did you win (Name them, be a proud champ!)
    10. What was your first title you won?
    11. Did you continue your CAW"s path in newer games?
    12. How many games has your CAW been in? (Name them if you want to)
    13. Did you have a signature outfit that you wore/wear?
    14. Did you ever draft yourself into brands?
    15. In 2006/7 were you in GM mode?
    17. Which match do you remember most?
    18. Are you still a champion?
    19. Are you in universe mode?
    20. Are you a heel or a face? (Or do you play by your own rules?)
    21. Do you have a manger?
    22. Did you mange anyone?
    23. Most memorable moment?
    24. Will you be in 2K15?
    25. Who's your target to beat in 2K15.
    26. What is your gimmick?

    Add more questions if you like. :emoji_slight_smile:

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