Your chance to lay in bed with Sunny!

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Any takers?
  2. Does it include a massage?
  3. Maybe 15 years ago. :urm:
  4. No, just no. o.o
  5. Its just a sad state of affairs, what a sad women.
  6. I wouldn't touch Sunny with a ten foot pole.
  7. Also, if you approach her with Xanax in hand she'll blow you for no extra charge.
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  8. see this i could get down on. paying 75$ to pretend you're spooning some old woman? Sure, why not.
  9. Wonder if she'd let us both do it at the same till for a cool $100 :hmm:
  10. see now that picture would be worth it.
  11. I'd still do her tbh. But no I wouldn't pay for a stupid photo.
  12. Don't think so, woman. Maybe if it was 1995/1996 all over again, but now...
  13. hence the cheap pricing for it. 50-75 whereas back then im sure people would have dropped a grip more. She's old and beat unless she flies senhor perfect to wisco (not getting into canada anytime soon) im going to pass.
  14. We can meet Dat Kid in Jersey where this is going down, try for a foursome?
  15. Something like this:

  16. Dat kid can be Michael Richards :haha:
  17. You know what's funny. I was gonna post a picture about this and say "Senhor your dream can finally come true". But no, I already have trouble with MILFS already
  18. Redundancy alert! I do not understand!
  19. 75$? Deal.
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