Your country is under attack...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. You wake up tomorrow and find your country is under attack. The details of the attack are not important for this discussion. You are told to leave but you get to chose where you go. What country would you go to and why?
  2. I'd stay and fight...

    I'd rather die than leave Australia.
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  3. Agreed, I'd stay and fight for my U.S!

    Also, Australians don't die, they go MIA lol
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  4. Well said...

    *Offers Finniis a slice of Banana Bread*
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  5. Probably Canada since I've contemplated moving there for years.

    I would say France because I've always wanted to go there, but way too many terrorist attacks anymore. And plus nobody is going to attack Canada.
  6. I kind of have the same feeling about Australia...
    I don't think its worth anyone attacking.

    A large island with most of it cities on the coastline
    with a huge patch of sand in the middle of it.

    Australia is like the "Middle of Nowhere" country.

    Of does happen in movies...movies I love...

  7. I live 20 minutes from Canada, so Canada
  8. I'd blame Canada, then run go there and hang out with The Beavs
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  9. Ireland, its basically a more religious Scotland.
  10. I mean any fucker wanting to attack England better use nuclear weapons and blow up our subs first because no matter what we will fuck them over even after they destroy our nation. If they don't use nukes then the defences we have, the MI6, MI5 and the SAS, all taught the rest of the nations a thing or two about espionage and how to kill people, so you know i feel safe.
    However Canada and Australia looks good, or even Scotland because who'd want to fight a Scotsman willingly?
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