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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. What are three things you would change about your country that you feel would improve it?
  2. Warmer weather, tougher immigration laws. So many come here and live off of welfare.
  3. I could probably write a 1,000 page book on what I would change in this country.

    Still da bess doe. Murica
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  4. Move to Texas :haha:
  5. Legalize at least medical marijuana in each state, the south, and no republicans.
  6. Keep the Paul's though.
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  7. democrats have just as many stupid stances as republicans. there is no superior side. In fact the two party system is designed to keep the public's eye off the ball and distract them with pointless shit like gay marriage and stem cell research.
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  8. Get rid of that one political party that is outright racist.
    Tighten procedure and legislature around immigration, so that every city/municipality that take in refugees are capable of doing so proper.
    Proper summer weather.
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  9. A good national side and nice weather
  10. Nationalisation of the railways/post service

    Reverting Welsh so that is an optional subject in school instead of compulsory.

    Abolish the House of Lords
  11. Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same bold shit with different world views.
  12. Less promotion of Social Media, Less Imprisonment for low level non-violent drug offenders (primarily Marijuana and decriminalization for Mushrooms) and lastly ban Justin Bieber.
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  13. You had me at ban :happy:

    But to be fair, we would have to kick out half of the people under the age of 23 in Hollywood. lol
  14. Out with the Jews (Larry David can stay for more Curb though)
  15. I'd change privacy laws

    We own nothing. We don't even own our words unless we write it down with pen and paper. We sign off on our ideas the moment we hop on the internet and agree to terms and conditions. Our information is stored through out websites, subsciptions, email accounts, credit card statements, and when combined it's a plethora of data that is used to predict your future. Have you ever noticed after visiting a site, you will see a simliar ad in the future? Remember a few years back when you logged on fbook one day everything was made public? That's because they changed your privacy settings and decided to sell it to major corporations to market towards you. The scariest part is how the NSA can access this information to "prevent" anything from happening by red flagging certain words or phrases whem combined together is deemed as a threat. If you can manage to get software to access your phones information, thats a treat as well. You can literally see every key stroke instantly saved to a database that can be accessed at anytime. The most depressing part is even if you ex communicate yourself from the internet, cell phone, etc that the information is there and saved forever. When you select deactive, or delete, you are basically just hiding information from yourself. We are not free, we can be arrested for peaceful protests that have not happened as a preemptive measure. Things we think about doing can be used against us.
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  16. We don't even own our land when we buy houses cause we get taxed even after we pay it off. :downer:

    It is a shame that they started this crap back in 2001 and no one found out till 2007. I wouldn't have been so quick to put my thoughts or information out as a kid. I am a lot different then I was just 4 years ago, but that don't matter. Like you said the information is still there. And about the ads... Ads are now based on sites you visit, e-mails you read, searches on google... So they pretty much have us by the balls. They say we have freedom of speech but what happens when they get more strict on that and hold our words against us from online activity in the future?
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  17. ^Freedom of speech never meant that you could say whatever you wanted without others being able to hold it against you. Part of freedom of speech is accepting the responsibility and repercussions that come with it. If I say I think the world is filled with flying spaghetti monsters it is my right, but it is also the right of others to then look at me like I am a retarded fuck boy.

    edit: Reminds me of the Donald Sterling thing. People are like "He was in his own house and has freedom of speech!!!"

    Yea, he had freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean when he says stupid shit people cannot react accordingly.
  18. Reacting is fine, when your words get held against you via government, then it is an issue.

    Yeah Sterling sounded like a butt head but should he have really been given that much shit? Jay-Z wears black panther medals (know racist group), Jordan has said numerous racist things about whites and Hispanics... I mean really, if it was some black owner dawging a white/Hispanic, no one would give a shit.
  19. Oh Brita. I'll just give you a pass on this one.
  20. I know I know... Me and my stupid thought process. For damn shame. I wasn't sticking up for the old coot, I mean he was cheating on his wife with someone half his age... But I don't think it was cool to demand he sell something that's his. If I bought a house from a black family and someone over heard me being racist, should they be able to demand I lose the house? No. I bought it. That's all I am saying. I probably just invited you in to not letting me have a pass anymore...

    :okay: :woo1:
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