Your current best ring entrance?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Who do you think has the best ring entrance currently?

    Surprise, surprise. I choose Otunga. :otunga:
  2. Del Rio. The music, the sweet rides, the classy fireworks, the badass scarf, and of course Ricardo on the mic.
  3. I like Zigglers theme idk why everybody hates on it. I like it better than perfection
  4. DZ has an okay entrance. I preferred 'I am Perfection' to 'I'm here to show the world' but neither was great/horrible IMO, both are pretty mediocre. I like his cocky strut, when he runs his hands through his hair and flips the grease out, and when he says things like HOW DAMN GOOD AM I
  5. his was the only current theme that came to my mind. Most of the themes now suck. Id say Ziggler's, Kane's, and The Rock's new theme. I like his 98 theme the best but the new one is epic
  6. I know who has the worst entrance. WB easily.

    The music.
    The stupid coat. The rose. The crouching to stand up and shed the coat. So bad. So so bad
  7. Best: Christians or Del Rio's. Both have awesome themes (more so Christian), Del Rio's fireworks behind him is epic with Ricardo announcing too.

    Worst: Barrett and Ziggler. I'm sorry but his (Dolph's) theme IS horrible, it's like a kids theme song for a hotwheels advertisement, it's so bad. No need for any explanation on Barrett.
  8. Side note: Is it not about damn time they give Johnny Ace a theme? I'm tired of him coming out to nothingness
  9. Yeah, the nothingness heel vibe is for Vickie. Ace needs a theme, perhaps he'll get one when he becomes the permanent GM of both shows @[Randy Savage].

    I'd love for it to start as "I'm Mr Excitement" *troll face appears on screen*.
  10. He could always bust this bad boy back out:


    dynamic dudes ftmfw!
  11. Firstly, Dynamic Dudes > Any current tag-team in any wrestling company.

    Secondly, that first theme would work so well.
  12. So that's why Shane Douglas was at Raw last Monday.
  13. Shane Douglas is who he's been texting! Dynamic Dudes reunion! End of story! Pipe bomb :pity:
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  14. Santino. Trombone and power walk....

    Daniel Brian . Fits him perfectly... Yes yes yes!
  15. He well not need 1 b/c he WILL NOT BE THE GM! B/c Teddy going to WIN END OF STORY CASE CLOSED! :pity:
  16. Christians theme is awful.
  17. Fake ending!!! We kicked out of your lame finisher!!!!


  20. I, much like WWE, had forgotten about him.
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