Your current favourite on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Simple, which superstar is your favourite on RAW at the moment?
  2. Brock Lesnar if he counts. The reason being is he can make a simple segment instantly interesting, he's already proved that he's a huge draw and simply because he's a beast.
  3. Antonio Cesaro. Fucking beast.
  4. CM Punk, love his way to fight and his PipeBombs
  5. Bryan and Kane
  6. Definitely Jericho. He's been fantastic ever since his return during the Royal Rumble.
  7. Bryan & Jericho Then Rock & CM Punk
  8. Daniel Bryan,Kane Brodus Clay and Tensai
  9. DB, Jericho, Ziggler, Lesnar, Henry, Cesaro...
  10. Chris Jericho for very, very obvious reasons. Followed by Brock Lesnar, every time he appears it receives that "shit's about to go down" reaction, which I can't say for anyone else. The guy's essentially a walking mark out moment. And then he's followed by Dean Ambrose, his portion of the promo last Raw reinvigorated my love for The Shield that was lost admittedly due to my lack of paying attention, and the also decision to brand them together with Heyman.

    Yes, I'm aware Punk isn't in the top three despite being listed as my favorite. I'm too lazy to change it, especially since two of three topping him are only going to be there for a short amount of time.
  11. Antonio Cesaro is my current favorite. I've liked every match his been in, even the ones with Khali. Plus he's owning his gimmick right now
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