Your December 25th Schedule

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. What's your schedule for 25th December? (Didn't put Christmas day for obvious reasons.)

    For me it's;
    Get up at 9. Open presents&phone relatives. Make my cheesecake and chocolate melt cake. Collect nanna and bring to my house. Have dinner. Play FIFA whilst the rest of the family falls asleep watching movies on TV. Wake them up about 7. Take nanna home. Reflect that another Christmas is over. Look forward to New year. Drink and fall asleep.

    A very exciting day, as you can see.
  2. Wake up around 7 probs see what stuff I have then go back to sleep before seeing our lass for a bit.
  3. lol @ all of you who open gifts on the 25th (In Sweden/Scandinavia we celebrate on the 24th). Meet family members. get drunk with high school friends.
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  5. Wake up, try and have a fap before inevitably being attacked by my five year old sister, eat chocolate and have champagne - despite me passionately disliking the latter - for breakfast before going to the local pub with my Dad, Uncle and Grandad, go home, eat dinner, play new football manager game that has just been bought for me, go to bed.
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    Champagne is fucking k horrible agreed there.
  7. Champagne is for sophisticated colon. I like it.
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    Serious oxymorons here.
  9. The 25th I work 2-10 at 1.5 X pay :fap:

    My family is celebrating Christmas tomorrow evening. It was the only time we could get everyone together.
  10. Sleep most of the day, then get online to do some work. I don't celebrate.
  11. Going to pull off a double header. Plan is to wake up next to a girl ive been working with for a while, then kicking her out to have breakfast with family, then spending the day with a girl i have history with. AKA, Doing damage for xmas.

    If that fails, Ill be here.
  12. See you then man :cornette:
  13. You spending the 12 days of xmas on wwef? You dont have to spend all day waiting for me to come back online, but i do appreciate it.
  14. Hanging out all day
  15. 24th night with my family :happy:, 25th with the wife's family, :yay: NOT!
  16. Up whenever. Await kids arrival at around 2

    Open gifts. Skype mom

    Take kids to wife's folks house... Open more gifts

    Eat dinner.

    Take kids home and play zombie U on the Wii U that's Santa brought!

    And fuck bitches!
  17. Be hungover. Spending the morning with my family the noon with her family. Go pub and x-mass round my uncles.
  18. I don't believe in Xmas. Just going to be hanging with some chick for a few days, that's about it.
  19. Get up when I get up. If I'm up before everyone is, I'll go on the internet and find something to do to keep myself entertained. If I'm the last one up, opening my three presents. Then decided whether I want to play the game(s) I got or watch the Punk DVD. End up doing both for the rest of the day except that for a brief intermission where I eat Domino's pizza. It's what I do every year.
  20. Fap to alien porn.
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