Your down time?

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  1. Aside from coming on here...
    What do you do in your down time?

    Down time = Not working, Not in school, Not taking care of kids, ect.
  2. Sport, gym, PC, or just watching TV.
  3. Sport = Playing with balls
    Gym = Working out "muscles"
    PC = Porn
    TV = Movi-e-s... Porn

    I'm on to you Crayo...
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  4. I'm a big reader, also fishing is cool. I'll leave out the generic drinking stuff everyone does and the like.
  5. Watch movies, play video games, surf the internet, watch cat videos, etc.
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    Football - playing and watching
    Watching good films
    Browse the tinternet
    Masturbating and fingering my butthole simultaneously
    Stalking people
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  7. I like to read, go biking, and watch TV (mainly sports and shows)
  8. watch movies/tv shows, swim, clubs on weekend, porn
  9. Gym. Dancing. Those private things you do when you have a girlfriend,...
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    Playing a large assortment of video games, watching TV (Into Duck Dynasty big now), Twitter on my mobile device, smoke.
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  11. Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Music, Fap.
  12. Watch baseball, watch wwe, drink, and taking kiddos to parks/icecreame shops.
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  13. Football Manager 2013.
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  14. Music, sleep, play games, research, and feed my pet Hitler.
  15. What is this "down time" you speak of? :haha:

    OK, let's see.... when I do have some free time and feel up to doing anything, it's generally:

    - Reading (Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher or graphic novels currently)
    - Playing PS3
    - Watching TV / movies
    - Hanging out with friends
    - Goofing off online
  16. Comics. Movies. Comics. TV Shows. Movies. Comics. (In that Order)
  17. When do you play football?
  18. Any time. Whenever people are going out.
  19. So never.
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  20. ...
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