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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. If you can have any home in the world, what are 10 things it would have in it?

    Here's mine:

    1. A large master bedroom with a huge walk in closet.
    2. A fish tank built into the wall of the shower in the bathroom.
    3. An animal sacturay in the yard ( I would have a HUGE yard )
    4. A pool that is open to the basement so there is a window to see under the water.
    5. A large room dedicated to the needs of my cats, like a giant play room for them.
    6. A full grown tree that is inside of the house but it would be closed off so I can see birds, rain, snow, ect. but nothing could get in the house.
    7. A large greenhouse off the side of the house.
    8. An in law sweet for guests to say over without actually having to stay in my house.. lol
    9. A basketball court (indoor one) off the back of the garage)
    10. Everything would be self reliant (like I would have my own water system, solar panels for electricity, AC cooling through rocks... Like an eco house.)

    My dream house would end up in the middle of a zoo... :haha:
  2. [​IMG]

    Underground mansion.
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  3. That is insane!!!! I didn't know they made underground mansions.
  4. Playboy Mansion. :damn:
  5. Meh. Never really cared for giant homes. I just need a nice two room apartment and I'm good.
    Can spend muh money on other shyt.
  6. I wouldn't want a huge house... Just a huge yard. I would like it to be like maybe 3,000 sqft max. Most mansions are like 5,000 and up lol That's just too much.
  7. 1. A yard. A big one. I've lived in an apartment all my life so I've always been inside and considering I've never went out before high school because my mom was really strict, I'm a pretty weak person, like I have asthma. I would definitely let my kids out and be active as much as possible but trying not be careless at the same time. Also, our pets should also be out as possible. Dogs should always be active as well. I don't want my kids and my pets to be lazy. Plus, I would also love to teach my kids that being outside and in nature could be just as fun as killing someone online in Call of Duty. I want not only to teach them to appreciate nature, but only have them experiencing it as well.

    2. Have an attic/basement. As creepy as they are, it would be so much better not to have crap everywhere in the living room or kitchen and such. If basement, it would also be the wash room with the washing machine/dryer.

    3. Dining room and Living Room should be the same room. Dining rooms by themselves are so boring. It would just be people sitting there eating for like half an hour, even with your best friends. At least everyone can watch TV and provokes more discussion. It also has more a chiller atmosphere.

    4. I would also very much like the top room/level of the house just be glass. Sort of like a greenhouse but less plants, lol. It'd be so awesome to just sit there are stare at the rain and such without actually having to be in it. I could just imagine myself having a mug of coffee, playing jazz music, and just falling asleep while it's raining. That would be heaven.

    5. Having my bedroom be big enough to have two floors. It would save so much more space. Sort of like this but only roomier because it looks like there isn't much space at all to move in that room. Like, I don't want a full second floor, just half a floor like the picture would be nice. If I put my bed on the second floor, it would suck to have to get up and go down the stairs right after since I'd be barely conscious, but it would force me to be more alert and wake up more. I have trouble getting up since I oversleep and such, so that'd be nice and efficient.

    6. Two bathrooms. One of the floor where the living room/kitchen/etc are and another one where the bedrooms/etc are. The bathroom on the bedroom floor would be the master bathroom and be roomy as hell. There would be a shower, bathtub, and a huge mirror to vanity and such. I have such a small bathroom in real life. Like, you literally can only take two steps in that bathroom. :urm:

    7. A gaming room would be the ultimate jizz factor. I would try to get my hands on some pinball machines for it, maybe a race car machine, and a lot of old, cheap tv's so there would be enough places for everyone to game at the same time, assuming they would bring their own consoles because there would be no way I'd be buying like 10 Xboxs. Even if I was rich as fuck.

    8. If however many children I have, I would like for them to each have a room.

    9. Work out room.

    10. I'd want my stairs leading up to the next floor to be see-able like this. Like you can see the floor below you before descending down, unlike regular stairs where it's just a straight path up and down with walls around it.

    Pretty much it. I know everyone ops for a pool and such but I honestly see myself finding it more irritating than enjoyable. You have to really maintain a pool, cleaning it and such and I would rather spend my time playing a video game than swimming. Oh yeah, and I also can't swim, so there's that, lmao. Maybe a small jacuzzi then, if I am allowed an 11th bullet. Jacuzzi's are much more sensual for lovers and such, they're also much more fun in general and a lot more relaxing... and you don't need to swim. :yay:
  8. A house in LA.

    Same street as some big celebs..:ryan:
  9. No idea, I'd love to have something like this only with a One Piece theme to it (which would require very little change) though.
  10. 1. Indoor swimming pool
    2. Game room
    3. Movie room
  11. Are you caught up in the English dub?
  12. Unfortunately no, I'm still pretty far behind. I only just started Alabasta (though I have already read most of it), trying to balance six other shows plus a couple of mangas hasn't let me get through it as fast as I'd want to.
  13. Not really a spoiler, but One Piece just gets better and better as it progresses. If you have the time, you should watch it.
    Personally, I watched it in subs because they dub 11 episodes per every four months, but as of this moment, they're at about episode 252.
  14. Yeah I know, I've heard like so much good things about the Enies Lobby, I can't wait for that one. Yeah, that makes sense, I think I'll just be switching over to the manga when I catch up.

    Also, as for a dream house, I thought about it a bit more and I would love to live in an altered form (of the interior only, and only a few rooms) of the Bebop.
  15. Some place that has a room and a roof and isn't filled with roommates, relatives or parents.
  16. Playboy mansion
    Playboy bunnies
    Playboy bunnies
    Playboy bunnies
    Playboy bunnies
  17. Yeee...

  18. Enies Lobby is one of my favourite stories in the show.
    It could possibly be one, but I'll go with two because there's another story that I found amazing. Don't really want to spoil it for you.
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