Your dream Royal Rumble return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Who would it be? Naturally for me it's going to be Jericho. Maybe Shawn Michaels for one more run. Nexus as a group I'd also like.
  2. Hard one.
    Either Kane (I know he's back but I wouldn't show him much/at all on RAW/SD until the Rumble) or Jericho but I predict Jericho is back on 2/1/12. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I'm gonna say Goldberg. I know I'm in the minority here he was a bad worker with horrible mic skills but the way he carried himself was incredible. He made you believe he was a star. Plus he was quite possibly the most intense wrestler ever imo.
  4. His expressions, booking & intensity definitely made him a star. I'd mark for a Goldberg return, even if he is a bad worker. Though, who would eliminate the goldy?
  5. If Brodus clay had debuted I'd say him. Build him up with a new streak so to speak then have the past vs present streaks. Brodus wins at mania and becomes the next big heel. Goldberg retires after his final run. Thats how i'd do it anyway. How about you?
  6. Tbh, I'd do the same. But WWE seem incompetent atm at booking monster heels. I know Henry had a great run, but he's now coward heel. Brodus would need to go over some big names. Advertise a "Monster who doesn't taste defeat too often" for weeks and weeks, bam Goldberg returns. Brodus goes over. Man, I'd love this.
  7. It will most likely not happen but the two people I would like to come back are Batista or Mr Kennedy.
  8. God I missed Mr Kennedy when he went. Rumour was that it was Orton who ended his career by bitching, but his semi-recent shoot promo in TNA states it was Triple. H. Guy was a great mic worker.
  9. He was always the one I liked most. I really miss him.
  10. I don't actually think Goldberg will return.
    I've heard he actually hates WWE.
  11. Yeah I doubt he will, tis' why it's a dream return :emoji_slight_smile:.
  12. SIMON DEAN!!!
  13. :upset:
  14. Jesus Christ returns and beats the undertaker to win the Royal Rumble. :dawg:

  15. I would cry out of happiness.
  16. If possible. Eddie Guerrero rolling out in his lowrider. Grabbing a mic and saying "Remember that time I died? I LIED!"
  17. Inb4 he goes to prison for faking his death. :dawg:

  18. :lied: