Your Fave 5?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. More 'Recent' Talents in WWE. Who's your fave 5? :3. 1 is Favorite.

    5. Drew McIntyre.
    4. Alex Riley
    3. Daniel Bryan
    2. Dolph Ziggler.
    1. Cody Rhodes.
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  2. 1. Dolph Ziggler
    2. Alex Riley
    3. Beth Phoenix
    4. ??? not sure >:O
    5. Yoshi Tatsu
  3. In WWE:

    1.) Ziggler
    2.) Brock Lesnar
    3.) Christian
    4.) Del Rio
    5.) D-Bry
    Henry and Barrett are up there but haven't seen them in a while. Hopefully ADR isn't out too long

    1.) Ziggler
    2.) Steen
    3.) Aries
    4.) Roode
    5.) Angle
  4. 1) Daniel Bryan
    2) Chris Jericho
    3) Brock Lesnar
    4) Dolph Ziggler
    5) Wade Barrett
  5. 1). Daniel Bryan
    2.) CM Punk
    3.) Dolph Ziggler
    4.) Cody Rhodes
    5.) John Cena
  6. WWE:

    Sin Cara
    Wade Barrett
    Dolph Ziggler
    The Rock
    Brock Lesnar
  7. Thats 6 :badass:


    5) Sin cara

    this is not included in my 5 but my all time Fav is cena
  8. I find you and @[Rainman] are very similiar :obama:
  9. 5) Daniel Brian
    4) Kane
    3) The Undertaker
    2) Christian
    1) Big Show
  10. Hahaha, saw this before I left and completely agree.
    My fave 5 are exactly the same as yours, Regality, except with Tyson Kidd over Alex Riley.
  11. No Hawkins?
  12. 1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Dolph Ziggler
    3. Christian
    4. Wade Barrett
    5. Jack Swagger (underrated)
  13. Underrated but in your fave 5? :O
  14. 1. Ziggler
    2. Kidd
    3. Riley
    4. McIntyre
    5. Watson
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  15. I love the Ziggler love ITT
  16. Yes Swagger is underrated, as in I think he is good in the ring but most people might not think so. I think you are confusing it with overrated. :pity:
  17. 1-Bryan

    Hard to pick just five. These are only from the active roster of course.
  18. I poorly constructed my sentence, I was meant to type "Underrated yes, but in your fave 5?". I agree Swagger's underrated, he's awesome in the ring. Just I can't imagine him being anywhere near my fave 5 lol.
  19. Actually not that big a fan of him as a singles guy. He works great in a tag team and on the mic, but as a singles guy, just no.
    I've kept the picture around just because of recognizability, something different, and it wasn't really worth changing.
  20. I am a Swagger mark. Thought you had noticed that by now. :pity:
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