Your Fave Five - Of all time and current.

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  1. Booker is asking you, what's yo' five fave?

    It's easy, make a list of your fave five(s) (Both of all time and current) and then write down the reason next to the superstar.

    Keep in mind that you should edit and update your Fave Five from time to time as it changes.

    Fave Five (Current);

    1.CM Punk -Began to like him last year and he quickly jumped to the number one spot on my list, not only that, his gimmick just reminds me of myself in real life.
    2.Randy Orton - As I said before, this guy is also on my Fave Five "Of All Time" list and caught my eyes at the year of 2004.
    3.Dolph Ziggler - Sells like a boss and I can't get enough of his funny Show-Off gimmick. Doesn't bore me out and has always something new to bring to the table.
    4.Cody Rhodes - Funny as hell and cuts promos like a boss, never knew Cody had the mic skills but turns out this guy has potential of becoming one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and not to mention he's only 26 years old.
    5.Daniel Bryan - Can't get enough of his gimmick, I love him as a heel and if that changes he might be removed from the fave five.

    Fave Five (Of all time);

    1.Shawn Michaels - My hero as a kid, been and will always be my inspirational figure.
    2.Randy Orton - Been in the business for a decade and I remember watching him a long time ago. Like 04' or something that is when he caught my eyes.
    3.Kevin Nash - Sexy, always used to choose him in "SD! Here comes the pain" on my PS2.
    4.The Rock - Electric, there's no words that can describe why, legendary.
    5.Goldberg - A guy I respected alot and I wish he still was in the WWE, I really miss him and he was such a great wrestler with his awesome finishers.
  2. 1. Triple H, has done alot for the company. The King.
    2. Shawn Michaels, best preformer in the business.
    3. Stone Cold, awesome badass gimmick.
    4. The Rock, just THE entertainer
    5. Hulk Hogan, nuff said.


    1. Dolph Ziggler, best preformer in the company in my opinion, still underrated.
    2. John Cena, gives everything for the business, lots of respect.
    3. Chris Jericho, ultimate heel, great moves, good gimmick.
    4. Randy Orton, good as a face, him as a heel was better. Selling is lacking nowadays.
    5. Zack Ryder, you know it. The guy is super entertaining.
  3. I think that is only 4 superstars (At the "Of all time" Fave Five)

    But great list though.
  4. Haha tnx, edited it. Just forgot the last one.
  5. Current:
    1. Cody Rhodes: This guy's absolutely on fire right now.
    2. Dolph Ziggler: Always puts on a great match and is so fun to watch.
    3. Tyson Kidd: Someone should be fired for not using this guy, it's ridiculous
    4. Drew Mcintyre: Four-to-five star prospect that, again, should be used
    5. CM Punk: I respect the talent but not the way WWE has used him.

    All-Time (Only been watching for 3 years :pity:)
    1. Undertaker. Very unselfish, could get a pretty good match out of anyone, provided us so many memorable moments.
    2. Shawn Michaels: No explanation needed.
    3. Jeff Hardy: The guy that got me into wrestling, his suicidal offense was so much fun to watch.
    4. Rey Mysterio: He's one of the few guys out there who almost every time you see a PPV card, his match should be good, even though I hate his moveset.
    5. Batista: That heel run of his was absolutely epic.
  6. All Time:
    1. Rock and SCSA (cant decide)
    2. Kane
    3.Kurt Angle

    1. Rock
    dont have 5, but if i had to pick a 5th id say Punk
  7. Christian- He was my first absolute favorite. The way he uses the mic and how much he can move a crowd always got to me.
    CM Punk- Liked him when he first joined WWE. Always thought he had great potential but I never thought he had the chops that he has.
    Mr. Anderson (Ken Kennedy)- Great worker on the mic. I remember watching him on Velocity and watching his Green Bay Plunge for the first time. I thought he would have been bigger.
    Marcus CorVon (Monty Brown)- He wasn't the best, I just loved The Pounce.
    RVD- Great athleticism. Never saw any of his ECW stuff until a few years ago. Puts his body at risk during all of his matches, and I like that dedication.
  8. @[Sylar] how can Randy Orton be your #2 of all time but #3 current?


    1. Chris Jericho - He's so god damn awesome. He's returned and saved WWE.
    2. The Miz - The guy just leaks charisma. Has a good look, awesome on the mic, nice guy.
    3. Wade Barrett - Best heel in wrestling.
    4. Cody Rhodes - What a fantastic rise to fame. He's epic at the moment.
    5. The Rock - Even though he's been upstaged by Cena, just seeing him makes me happy. In fact, Cena can be 5 too, since he's on fire atm.

    All time:

    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Speaks for itself.
    2. Chris Jericho
    3. The Rock.
    4. Undertaker
    5. Shawn Michaels

    Edit: Damn forgot about Christian! :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. All time

    1. Foley - Hardcore Legend.
    2. Funk - Also Hardcore Legend
    3. HBK - Such a epic wrestler and had some of the great matches of all time.
    4. SCSA - How could you not love this guy Austin 3:16 speech still gives me goosebumps.
    5. Edge - Started in one of my fave tag teams and went on to achieve so much and was so strong for the company.


    1. Punk - BITW
    2. Miz - Love his mic skills
    3. Ziggler - Best seller in the WWE rite now
    4. Rhodes - On his way to the top so good on the mic also.
    5. Bryan - Great wrestler and I enjoy watching him.

    WOW took me a while to think through all that haha.
  10. Bad mistake, changed it.
  11. yo is Batista still in your all time top 5?
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  12. lol I'm trying to remember if I was even throwing shit against the wall back then

    he's in my fave 5 comedy characters of all time right now
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  13. I'm just waiting for the day someone bumps a post of mine where I'm saying something nice about CM Punk.

    I don't know that such a post exists, but it could be possible.
  14. man I still remember after Punk and Bryan tore the house down at Over the Limit 2012, you made a status calling the womens' match the MOTN

    yeah a nice D'Z Punk post doesn't exist. :lol1:
  15. Layla vs Beth was a 5 star classic and that DB/Punk feud and matches was lame as fuck.
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  16. See? Shit hasn't changed. Bet you're enjoying this Lashley TNA title reign.
  17. I bet I never watch another TNA match again ashley lol
  18. amidst all this nostalgia, thanks so much for trying to get Gohan back in some form of another. Even better that we get him all to ourselves while the Euro get left behind.

    This reminds me of that one time where they started an LD in late 2012 and we immediately spent 2 pages talking about Monday Night Football. Surprised that didn't happen more often
  19. Unless you're referring to the fact that Punk/Lesnar is in your top 5 for match of the year.
    Then again, Lesnar is a real fighter so that may be why
  20. Lesnar/Punk was my #2 MOTY for 2013. Seeing Punk get the shit kicked out of him was awesome.
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