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  1. Okay, so not many of us still watch cartoons, I do, however(in the means of family guy and futurama, not adventure time or anything..)but when you were a child, and did enjoy watching cartoons, what was your favorite one(s)?

    If I had to pick just one, it would no doubt be Courage the Cowardly Dog. If I would pick my top 3, it would Courage, Dexters Lab, and Johnny Bravo.

  2. As a kid probably Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon. Now I don't watch too much so American Dad I suppose, almost by default.
  3. The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nothing compared to it.
  4. Beavis and Butthead. I'm actually re-visiting many of the episodes on Youtube nowadays.
  5. I hate the term cartoon, as it's generally used to apply to any animated series and it's a term that definitely implies being targeted to children. That is not the case with all animated programs. Also the term cartoon definition began with humor being a major portion of it, which would apply all cartoons need to be humor fueled (or just heavily feature but that's not true of all animated programs either. It's definitely prevalent, but there are definitely exceptions even in western animation. Being a big fan of animation, much more than any other storytelling medium, I hate it when people apply that childish connotation to it. I understand why that happens, and don't get me wrong I do indulge in that stuff that does fit the description of cartoons (or at least, my definition of cartoon), but it's just a term I despise and wanted to get that off my chest.

    Anyway, I'll be answering this question by looking through animated series, not cartoons. So everything, making it broad as hell. Growing up my favorite animated series without a doubt was Dragon Ball Z. Besides one about urinating in my own mouth, Dragon Ball Z is my earliest childhood memory. I still remember seeing the promos on Toonami, getting excited, and telling whoever was there that, "We have to see that." I remember one time where I had to rush through my meal because if I didn't finish, I wasn't going to be allowed to watch DBZ. Toonami and DBZ are my childhood and while I watched a ton of shows back then, to limit this just down to one, none stand above DBZ.

    Today, well I look back on DBZ and it has more than a few flaws. Let's say that the Cell Arc (Future Trunks arrival to his departure more or less) was awesome and leave the rest out of it. I don't want to get into that on here again. As for my favorite today, I'll say it's a three-way tie between Bebop, Batman: The Animated Series, & Futurama. I often call Bebop 25 masterpieces and Boogie-Woogie Feng Shui (terrible, terrible episode) and I legitimately believe that. The amount of variety in the series is incredible, the animation still holds up today and even exceeds several shows (Especially Pierrot le Fou, holy crap Pierrot le Fou), and the OST is amazing. The variety and incorporation makes it one of the best out there, I'd say the second best (Wolf's Rain my favorite). Needless to say, the phrase, "I hate every anime except Cowboy Bebop" exists for a reason and that reason is because it's probably the most westernized anime out there, definitely of the ones I saw. JO said it best, "Cowboy Bebop is so much style over substance but still has better substance than 90% of other shows out there."

    Sorry, I'll try and not fanboy as much for the other two. Batman: The Animated Series is incredible. While Bebop has several things over it, like OST, Batman still does pretty good with music at least in terms of incorporation (Perchance To Dream anyone). It doesn't present as much variety but it still has a good chunk, doesn't have an ending, has more bad episodes, and the last season is completely hit and miss (but when they hit, it's up there with the best . . . also Joker's redesign was awful). To put why Batman is on my list simply, when asked what my favorite episodes are, I was only able to limit it down to 26 episodes and that's with leaving some favorites off. I mean I eventually did make a top ten (well top eighteen, lots of toss-ups for the final spot) but still. Plus, it's the definitive Batman for me. Perfect casting for everyone. Also, Mask Of The Phantasm was a better movie than Knockin' On Heavens Door.

    Finally, Futurama because sometimes I just want to laugh. Okay, it's not just that as both Batman & Bebop inject comedy in during certain episodes and both can make me laugh quite a bit (Almost Got 'Im & Toys In The Attic are the probably the prime examples respectively). On top of being really funny, Futurama also has a ton of heart (not trying to imply Bebop & Batman don't have this). Some of the episodes blend those things together perfectly. Luck Of The Fryish is one of my favorite episodes of anything ever. Other great episodes I really love that have said heart are Godfellas, Time Keeps On Slippin', The Sting, Jurassic Bark (though I think it's overrated), Leela's Homeworld & even one of the newer episodes in The Late Philip J. Fry. Futurama does have a lot more bad in it than the other two though.

    Okay, I'm done gushing over the shows I love, hopefully I did them some justice. I probably could've added Wolf's Rain & Monster to that list but I tried to limit it down to three and I don't think anyone wants me to go on longer. In my defense, I spend most of my time on here bitching about WWE, so I kind of jump on the chance to talk about something I actually enjoy. I've also seen at least one episode of every show mentioned here, but I really don't want to make this post any longer than I already have so I'm just going to stop.
  6. TMNT, Recess, Pokemon and Looney Tunes.

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  8. Justice and what not, yes :finger:

    Anyway, I also enjoy futurama AND Family Guy, I have a weird sense of humor when it comes to things, Family Guy can fulfill it, while I see Futurama as more of a series I get into, with a few laughs here and there. Futurama is a lot do you...deeper than Family Guy. Love both shows, however.

    I love getting a good laugh, so I take advantage of those shows whenever possible :neymar2:
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  9. For adult animation Aaaaarhg its the Mr Hell show is awesome. Bob Monkhouse as Mr Hell so much win.
  10. I only liked Family Guy in the first three seasons personally, even then I'd only rank it as average. American Dad is Seth MacFarlane's best show by far though in my opinion, probably because it doesn't feature a lot of Family Guy trademarks. Futurama is definitely deeper, which is the biggest reason why I love it but I think there are plenty of episodes that are hilarious. A Fishful Of Dollars & War Is The H-Word come to mind. Favorite episode of Futurama?
  11. nothing touches Hey Arnold
  12. Personally, I don't have a fav episode for any of my fav shows. One of the futurama episodes I did enjoy a lot, was more of a serious one than a funny one, which was the one where Fry wants to bring back his dog from his time. At the end it shows the dog waiting for fry through the seasons, but no sign of him...

    Another one was the one where Fry dies, and Leela eats the honey so she can be with him in her dreams.

    But, a funny one would have to be when Fry is put into the robot asylum, and rooms with Roberto :dawg: Thats only 1 of many, though.

    Another funny episode that I liked was when Bender adopts all those orphans for his own profit :lol1:
  13. Yeah, Jurassic Bark and The Sting are great, they both are on my list. Though I do feel Jurassic Bark is overrated as hell among most Futurama fans, and I'm a dog owner. Insane in the Mainframe is awesome too! Don't know why that didn't spring to my mind when I was thinking of funny ones. I also forgot The Problems with Popplers, and mixed up Three Hundred Big Boys with Fishful of Dollars (I think both are great though). I have no idea what that Bender one is called but I also like it.
  14. Regular Show :otunga:
  15. Another serious one I enjoyed was the story of Fry's lucky 4 leaf clover.

    Yea, I don't remember, either, but I think it was the episode with one of my all time fav parts:

    Leela: Aww, its a baby, someone must have left it here at the doorstep.(its in a basket)

    Bender walks out

    Bender: Don't worry, ill take care of the garbage.(starts to stomp on the basket)

    Leela: No bender! Stop! Its a baby!

    Bender: A baby what?(continues to stomp on it)

    Leela kicks him in the face. :haha:

    Gets me everytime. Other than Bener, though, and of course Fry, I think Farnsworth is the funniest out of the whole crew. His sarcastic remarks and weird personality, coupled with how old he looks, just makes me laugh everytime. Like a little kid inside of an old mans body. :dawg:
  16. That four leaf clover episode is Luck Of The Fryish and it's my favorite episode of the series by a wide margin. <3 Luck Of The Fryish. And yeah, that moment was awesome, as is Bender on a whole. Farnsworth is my favorite during the newer seasons but back during the series prime it's a toss up between Bender or Fry.

    As for other animated shows, I've been currently re-watching Kim Possible, like it even more than when I first saw it. Batman Beyond and Teen Titans are both great, and both go downhill during their final season (though barring a few episodes, wouldn't outright say it sucked [and they did have some really good ones]). Avatar: The Last Airbender was incredible, a bit surprised it wasn't mentioned yet. The Legend of Korra was looking to be even better than it's predecessor but boy did it fuck things up hard in the final two episodes.
  17. I admit, the last goofy animated show that i've seen on cartoon network that I actually laughed at and enjoyed, was not regular show, nor adventure time or chowder. But flapjack. It reminded me so much of Courage the Cowardly Dog(one of my all time favorite animated series, EVER).

    "SURGERY" reminds me of freaky freds "NAUUUGHTY" Plus, they were both barbers :emoji_wink: I laughed a lot while watching that show. Too bad it isn't on I never flip the channel to cartoon network.

    I sometimes will watch on nickelodeon, spongebob, only because I grew up watching him and he's still on tv. Usually only when i'm bored and theres nothing else to do, though.

    I loved codename kids next door, the OLD school 70's scooby doo, a pup named scooby doo was okay, and the only scooby doo movie I really enjoyed was cyber chase.

    I also loved catdog, and, dare I say it, the suite life of zack and cody(more so, I enjoyed the suite life on deck a lot more).

    Don't ask why, I just got stuck on that show for so long(and that bailey :rock:)

    One of my favorite moments on the show is when their doing the "boat cops" scene at the end of the episode:

    "Hey! Stop it you crab thief!"

    Catches him

    "Oh this is a KING crab leg! Mhm! Your going away for a LONG time" lmao

    Never really liked any other disney channel show other than that. I did enjoy WBkids, shows like Jackie Chan Adventures, I remember following that series for EVERY episode up until the dragon dude actually reveiled himself at the end, then it was over...also enjoyed the old school, first pokemon tv series, with ash, brock, and misty. Not to mention the FIRST Yughio series with, ummm, that dude with the one eye and the long white hair(totally forgot his name :facepalm1:)

    Man...I remember SO many good shows...the shows now just don't match up...
  18. Hard to choose just one. Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, (OLD) The Simpsons, (OLD) South Park, Pinky and The Brain, etc..
  19. South Park can be so stupid at times, but so funny its ridiculous at other times. For example, when cartman gets turrets, or the hoarding episode, which has made it on my all time fav south park episodes. That whole episode was full of funny :lol1:
  20. Haha agreed. The old episodes were funny more often than, the opposite is true for the most recent ones. Really hit and miss.
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