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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Just Kevin, Jun 9, 2014.

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  1. This is to continue a discussion started in the TMNT thread.

    I just want to know, what was everyone's favorite toys as a child? This can include anything fun related including video games, board games, action figures, cars... whatever.

    I grew up in the 1980s and, for myself, toys were extremely important.. everything from Thundercats to Transformers, GI Joe to the old WWF thumb wrestling figures. I was fortunate enough to have just about everything.

    My top 5 favorites..

    1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures
    2. NES game console
    3. Masters of the Universe (He-Man) action figures
    4. Voltron action figures
    5. Centurions action figures

  2. Secret Seven and Famous Five books.
    Star Wars toys
    Master System, NES and Snes.
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  3. Nice list man... I had to google Scalextric.. I've never raced slot cars but it seems like it would be a lot of fun.
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  4. 1.Sega Megadrive
    2.Collection of Polly Pockets
    3. My Little Pony show jumping stable+ My Little Ponies
    4.Mr Frosty
    5.Ghostbusters Figures
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  5. 1. Action man
    2. Biker Mice
    3. My aunt's NES
    4. Turtles

    As a toddler I inherited all my aunt's horse toys from when she was little. So Toddler Stop played with horses.
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  6. I have a sister 5 years younger than myself.. I used to steal her My Little Pony figures and have them fight the He-Man figures lol
  7. Yeah it was cool as it had crossover sections where you could smash each other off the track. Just a great way to spend a day especially as kids and using your imagination to make it about F1 and crazy stuff lol.
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  8. Biker Mice from Mars.... I was nearly 18 when that show first came out and I still watched nearly every episode... nothing wrong with being a big kid, right? lol

    You guys are really bringing back some memories!
  9. I watched every season of power rangers when I was 20 (23 now) out of boredom/guilty pleasure.
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  10. Ninja turtles
    The big rubber wrestlers (if you were around you know what they are)
    SEGA master system
    SEGA game gear
    Matchbox cars
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  11. Hell yeah.... and those things hurt like hell... they were very hard rubber lol

    I remember having Hogan and Andre the Giant and reenacting "The Slam" lol
  12. My parents only bought me the ones that couldn't sell and were on sale. Junkyard dog, big john studd, and hillbilly jim. All my friends had hogan and savage :sad:
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  13. Ps1/Ps2/N64/GameCube/gameboy/Any other gaming device I had
    My old wrestling action figures
    Ninja Turtle toys
    Pokemon toys
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  14. I had this huge Charizard which was the size of me back then. Probably that and my Woody and Buzz.
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  15. TMNT action figures for me as well, then wrestling action figures.

    SNES to PS1 to PS2 also
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  16. :hmm:

    1: TMNT - oh yes, I just got my collection back from me mums
    2: He-Man toys (I still have these in my garage too)
    3: VIDEO GAMES - I started with the Atari->Nintendo->Sega Master system->Genesis->PS1->PS2->Xbox->360 ---- I still remembering getting California games on the Atari for one of my bdays and thinking it was the SHIT. Got me into hacky sack lol.
    4: My COMICS (X-Men mostly)

    Those are my favorites but I had other sets too - Ghostbusters, Bucky O'Hare, Silver Hawks, Transformers (and Go Bots), Voltron (lions and vehicles), Mask

    What!? (open)
    As if you didn't tag me @Just Kevin :grumpy:
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  17. Sorry for not tagging you bro.

    It's funny that all this stuff came up because I am in the midst of doing a different 80s cartoon theme every couple weeks with my avvy, sig, and profile cover. I did Thundercats first, TMNT now.. then every week or 2 it'll change.

    Anyway... it seems we had very similar experiences with childhood toys and the such. I can definitely relate to everything you listed.

    Silverhawks! Tally Hawk!

  18. Yeah, I get the feeling we are very similar and would get along quite well IRL actually.
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  19. None. I don't believe in fun.

    Really though I can't even remember :hmm: I liked hotwheels quite a bit so probably those.

    Inb4 D'Z says barbie
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  20. Fucking silverhawks, that takes me back. @Trip in the Head could you ever get the high score in fucking surfing in California games? That shit was impossible!
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