Your favorite comic book villain?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. Who is your favorite comic book villain? Mine has to be Lex Luthor. Every single story arc, he's a little different. But, he's still badass through and through. He has possibly the best quotes in Comic Book history other than the Joker's Killing Joke monologue which everyone quotes. But, I'm gonna show you the awesomeness of Lex Luthor. [​IMG]
    The fact that he truly despises Superman yet at the same time he admires him. It really does vary on which story arc you read, some is where Lex hates Superman for being perfect when there can only be one perfect person on this Earth, him. He hates that the people look up to an alien. Someone not from their world. I love Lex Luthor in Smallville. [​IMG]He is such a badass when he says "We have a destiny together, Clark! Except we are on the opposite sides!" That was epic as fuck. I also love how in Smallville, Lex has a darker side but his friendship with Clark brought out a better side in him. And if I remember right, the only reason he kinda goes rotten in Smallville is because Clark didn't trust him enough when he considered Clark like a brother. I also suggest that you fucking read Smallville Season 11. It's a comic book story arc that I think is still going on. I'm pretty sure Superman gets the Green Lantern ring in an upcoming one. They can do so much in comic book it's amazing. LEX LUTHOR IS FUCKING GOD!!!

    Also, about Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor. I think he's gonna do great. I can see him getting some muscle tone because he's gonna have the Metropolis Skyline tattooed on his back which I think is kinda weird. But, I think Eisenberg can pull it off. He's a tremendous actor. He also plays a douche type person in Social Network so don't worry. For the people that complain about him being "too small" compared to Supes. Does Lex Luthor really need to be as big as Superman? I could see Eisenberg just putting on Zod's suit (which people have came up with a prediction that it will come into play in the end credits of Batman vs. Superman along with Darkseid, Zod took off his suit on a Lexcorp tower that was being built) and I could also see him and Superman having a war of words and all of a sudden he lets Doomsday out and they have an epic fight while Lex fights Batman & Wonder Woman with the Zod Costume. That would be so fucking epic. But, I don't really want Lex to be THE villain in Superman vs. Batman. I want him to be the villain without Superman, Batman, and everyone knowing he's the villain. Ya know? Like he just releases Doomsday. He'll talk shit about Superman to the press about how he was a self-made billionaire and he'll shit on Bruce Wayne in some meeting. But yeah, Jesse Eisenberg will be great.


    I'll post some more about Lex Luthor later on but seriously, who are your favorite comic book villains and why?
  2. Speaking of Lex Luthor, I was gonna mention it in the thread but I forgot. But I'm actually making a Superman youtube series. I'm trying to find a friend good with uber special effects and shit. I'm going to be Alexander Luthor (Lex for short) My first and probably 2nd will feature Lex with hair as I don't wanna shave my head and I wanna think of something super epic for me to lose my hair.
  3. Doctor Doom, because he's a total badass!
  4. Hal Jordan as Parallax is close to my heart.
  5. The Joker, dudes just a beast who dont give a fuck.
  6. Mr. Freeze
  7. Doctor Bong. what a great name.
  8. Pretty sure Onomatopoeia is originally a green arrow villain.
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  9. I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!
    no but seriously I do like the Juggernaut from X-Men a lot.. Was a little disappointed they didn't go more classic with the outfit in X-Men Last Stand but hey cant be perfect right.
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  10. That's correct... he was created by Kevin Smith in his Green Arrow run... I know him from Batman:Cacophony though.
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  11. I'd say Carnage from the spiderman series.
    In comic book movies the best hands down is macho man randy savage as BONESAW in the first Spiderman movie with Toby Maguire
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  12. The Joker is a personal favorite, but if I really sat down and read the comics I'd say Two-Face. I love him in whatever movies he's in, and I've only read a couple with him in it but I loved it. The whole coin thing just gets it for me.
  13. Lol that was one of the best dubbed videos ever idk how ive never seen that before since its relaively old.
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