Your favorite era of time in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Golden Age (85-90)

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  2. Sucky, rebuilding age(90-96)

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  3. Attitude Era(97-SS02)

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  4. Here Comes The Pain Era (02-04)

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  5. Ruthless Aggression Era (04-08)

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  6. The Shitty "PG era" (09-11)

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  7. The Current Era (June11- present)

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  1. Please, vote in the poll.

    Explanations: Golden Age - From WM1 started to when Hulk left basically.
    Rebuilding - Not sure, it sucked for the most part, I just called it Rebuilding.
    Attitude: No need for me to tell.
    HCTP: Brock Lesnar era basically. We all know he completely changed WWE when he entered and when he left.
    Ruthless Aggression: From Brock's departure to Benoit's death.
    Shitty: Nothing to explain, it sucked ass and most of us will agree.
    Present: The current product.
  2. AE was simply the best! Great wrestler, great machtes, great stories this was a perfect example of an ideal world.
  3. HCTP era. The best matches, the best roster and it wasn't as much of a car crash as the Attitude Era.
  4. Attitude Era, obviously.
  5. HCTP, then AE.
  6. lol @ anyone who thinks June 2011 spawned a new era. gtfo of here

    AE, despite it's flaws will always be my favorite
  7. It has to be honest. It's the "Reality era" or whatever bullshit someone called it. It's different than the PG era. Not sure if it's better though.
  8. Disagree. Just because there have been a few feuds centered around 'breaking the 4th wall' doesn't mean it's the dawn of a new era IMO. Outside of Punk during the Summer of Punk and Rock/Cena what else supports the idea that this is a new 'reality era' ?
  9. So despite the complete main events of the whole WWE what has changed it? You just rule out the spotlight, the events that the whole show is based around? Even outside of those - twitter, facebook, stats week after week, comparing to other companies, that's why it's named the reality era. It's so built around modern reality, social networking and that stuff.

    I guess we agree to disagree.
  10. Voted Attitude Era.

    But Ruthless Agression Era was not that bad at all.
    I liked that one to very much.
  11. The Ruthless Aggression era seemed to elevate so many workers in a very short period of time

    Rey, Benoit, Eddie, Cena, Orton, Edge, Batista and even JBL saw their careers sky rocket

    You compare that to TNA in the same time period with possibly greater talents and you see how fantastic an accomplish it was

    TNA refused to capitalize on their young talent when they clearly had the chance... neglecting to mention Rock/Austin retirements to boot
  12. Who's comparing TNA?
  13. I'm comparing

    WWE managed to scrap themselves together quite a future in a very short period of time

    That era impressed me b/c WWE needed to replace old stars and they did it.

    Today, WWE seems reluctant to pull the trigger and elevate certain talent

    I'm not going to mention guys like Punk, Joe and superior tag divisions they simply neglected to capitalize on. TNA is just now improving
  14. Now I have to gtfo because I don't agree with you? #JeebaK
  15. That's what last years youth movement should have achieved. It sort of achieved something with Miz and Ziggler, but it could have done much better.
  16. I'll concede to your point on the premise HBK, Edge, Batista (HHH/Taker) all retired in the past two years

    In hindsight, we'll see if this era can replicate the Ruthless Aggression in terms of elevating/replacing talent

    Giving Crayo credit to his point, I'll thrown how much I loved the in-ring product during those years on top of it
  17. Isn't the PG Era still going on?

    Edit: Things haven't really changed since then. The booking and the show are the same as it was before 2011, other than the CM Punk angle.
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  18. It's sort of called the reality era now.

    WWE need to use the likes of HHH, Taker, Rock and Kane to put over the young boys. Cena doesn't need it, Orton doesn't, give HHH to Punk and use Punk as a current Steve Austni type character. He'll draw.
  19. The Attitude Era, hands down:

    - characters
    - attractive undercard and midcard
    - atmosphere was off the charts
    - edgy, controversial stories
    - fantastic promos
    - everyone was more relaxed
    - memorable PPVs
    - RAW Is WAR
    - Austin/Vince feud
    - fantastic crowds

    Of course, there was a ton mind-fucking CRAP, but at least it was entertaining and lulzworthy.
  20. Loved the HCTP era. Lesnar was a monster with story development, and you had Muhammed Hassan, Jindrak, Ronald Dupree, Booker T, Good Cena, Kane, ABA.. loved it. The attitude era wasn't as focused on multiple things like HCTP was.
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